Monday, April 29, 2019

Prince William and Kate celebrate their anniversary today! Eight years ago, we were up at 4:00 AM to enjoy the festitivies!

Mom and daughter, dressed for early morning "afternoon tea" in honor of the Royal Wedding in East Lansing tea room

Today Kensington Palace's twitter account, tweeted:  "8 years ago today - thank you for your lovely messages on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding anniversary!"

On other social media, my Facebook memories to be exact, this popped up today: "Who would think getting up at 4:30 am would be so much fun! When it's with your favorite daughter and the royals, how can you miss?"

(Never mind my eldest son's goofy comment: "I thought I was your favorite daughter." Mommy Dearest responded, "I'll tell you what, you put on a dress, pearls and heels at the crack of dawn and watch two hours of royal wedding festivities and then we'll talk."  That went unchallenged.)

But that  Facebook memory sent me to dust off my own archived albums from April, 2011 and find the photos of how Rachel - truly my favorite daughter!  - and I spent Prince William and (then) Kate Middleton's wedding day.

Lords and Ladies at The Wanderers tea room were treated to edible goodies and sparkling accessories.

In 2011, Rachel was a junior at Michigan State University and there was tea room, The Wanderers, on Grand River, right across the street from campus, where we spent many a weekend visit. On once such visit,  the owners notified us of their special live-stream wedding day tea event which was to start at 4:30 AM on April 29th.

I was "in" and Rachel went along for the ride. In order to get to the tea room at such an early hour, we booked a stay at a nearby bed and breakfast and set the alarm for 3:45. We showered, coiffed,  put on our fancy dresses and walked across a dimly lit parking lot at 4:25 -  in heels -  to The Wanderers.

Once inside, we were met with other fanatic Royal-philes - some also attired in gowns and tiara's while others came in loungewear or pj's.

Watching the Royal Wedding live-streamed while most of Michigan was still sleeping.

As we watched Kate appear in her elegant, white-laced dress while Prince Harry snuck an approving glance and affectionately nudged the groom, the tea room was filled with excitement and edible goodies. It was one of my best MSU memories with my favorite Sparty (and, just to be clear, both my sons graduated from Wayne State.)

Comparing photos of William and Kate alongside those of Rachel and I from eight years ago today, I think three of the four of us could still fit in the attire they donned on April 29, 2011. (hint: I am no longer a size 8).

Later that summer, Rachel and I went to England and visited Kensington Palace, now home to William, Kate and family

More royal-themed memories were to be made later that summer when Rachel and I visited London again, this time while she did a study abroad. Among many of the places we visited was Kensington Palace, now home to William, Kate, and their three children.

Remember one Royal Wedding Anniversary with another coming up in just a few weeks!

Great memories of a special day for many of us. Back home, I brought out the William and Kate tea towel, royal wedding tea and Wedgwood cups to toast the occasion.

Soon, we'll be celebrating another Royal Wedding anniversary - and, yes, just like you - I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. We'll share those memories in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary to William and Kate and cheers to all of us who shared that special day!

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