Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day is Golden

Hello TEA Friends!

I'm treating myself to an extravagantly leisurely (read: "lazy") afternoon today, sipping an equally luxurious cup of Yunnan Gold, with shorts on, feet up and windows wide open. For the past six months, most of my time has been spent aiding and abetting in wedding plans for my son and now daughter-in-law. Next feature story will be ALL about the nuptials (and, so as not to hold you in suspense, it was beautiful!), but this weekend is devoted to getting caught up with all things that have been set aside for awhile.

It's actually rather fitting that I'm going back a month to Mother's Day. Now that I'm both a mother and a mother-in-law, it seems most appropriate to take a short trip back to the day that honors all moms. In the midst of the wedding preparation flurry, my son, Matt (aka "best man"), phoned me the day before Mother's Day as I was helping my other son, Rob, (aka "groom"), cut brush and trim trees on our property up north (aka, site of the wedding reception and ceremony) to suggest we go out to tea on the following Sunday afternoon.

I suggested the Goldfish Tea Room in Royal Oak. It had been awhile since I last stopped in this tea room (see BTS blog story, March 2, 2008) and I was anxious to go back for a visit. Their tea is wonderful and I knew Matt, and my daughter, Rachel (aka, "bridesmaid" - - and, okay, okay, not more "aka"), who joined us, would find this a pretty hip place to hang out. And, indeed, they did.

We started with a pot of Yunnan gold and a plateful of delicious, assorted pastries. The serving system is as casual and comfortable at the furnishings. The tea room folks prepare your first pot and send you off with a tray and timer. When the minutes for steeping are up, you pull out the mesh basket with leaves and let it rest on a wooden tray, which has long, cut out grooves to allow for draining. After you've enjoyed your first pot, you can go back to the serve-yourself counter, select the appropriate hot water dispenser for your type tea and reuse your tea leaves. We were told we would get at least two or three pots, but I think we squeezed in a fourth as we were in the middle of a heavy discussion of best books-to-film adaptations (A & E's "Pride and Prejudice", anyone?).

Goldfish Tea Room is a great place to sample excellent teas and spend a relaxing hour or two. Again, Barb's TEA Shop gives this tea room two gloved thumbs up! Hope you treat yourself to a little R & R this weekend, too.

Yours in tea and friendship, Barb