Saturday, February 2, 2019

Gateaux Patisserie: Say "Bonjour" to a beautiful French bakery in Dearborn

Gateaux Patisserie- a French bakery experience without needing a passport

Once you walk through the doors of Gateaux Patisserie, with its glass shelves lined with pastel macarons and petit cakes, gold crown molding and gilded chandelier, you'll experience the ambience of a true Paris café without ever needing a passport.

Gateaux Patisserie is a stylish French bakery that opened in downtown Dearborn last May. It offers tea, coffee and elegant desserts in a beautiful and inviting setting.

After my son, Matt, first learned about Gateaux Patisserie a few weeks ago, he sent me a photo with the  text:  "have you been here?"

Once I saw the pictures, and jumped to the bakery's website, I knew we'd have to have tea there stat!

We made it out there this weekend and we can say, c'est magnifique!

Talking with Gateaux Patisserie's manager, Shamone, she shared that a full afternoon tea service is expected to be offered this month.

In the meantime, we were happy to partake in sampling some of the incredible desserts on display:  Matt had a raspberry tart and a latte and I had the "opera cake" with an excellently brewed Earl Grey.

A delicious work of art, the opera cake, with layers of ganache and espresso buttercream, was topped with chocolate and a bit of gold leaf.

Tea can be ordered in small or large pots. It's all loose tea and brought to your table to finish steeping.

The china is pink and white and gold and it's so pretty on the table and the bakery's shelves.

Tea at Gateaux Patisserie reminds me of Paris salon de thés

We're told the owners wanted to bring the feel of a Paris café to Dearborn and, having enjoyed a cup or two of tea and pastries on the Champs- Elysees, I can definitely attest they have succeeded!

 A trip to Gateaux Patisserie will bring as big a smile to your face as the one on your latte!

We are really looking forward to having afternoon tea soon at Gateaux Patisserie. While we're waiting, we brought home some madelines to tide us over.

Au revoir mes  amis. Join me at Gateaux Patisserie pour thé bientôt!

Gatueaux Patisserie is located at 1004 S. Military, Dearborn Michigan. For more information, visit their website: