Friday, March 9, 2012

Fortnum and Mason: visited by the Queen, Camilla, Catherine and Barb and Rachel

Less than a fortnight ago, Fortnum and Mason was the chosen venue for Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge as one of their first joint public outings and a place for intimate tea party of 150 special guests, as noted by The Detroit Tea Examiner's recent column. Similarly, within 9 months of that same event, it was also the choice of Barb and Rachel Gulley, a party of two, for a joint (ad)venture and a spot of tea, although, admittedly, the latter occasion was not as high profile as the first.

In any event, the latest Royal Trio visit to Fortnum and Mason brought back a lot of great memories of our mom/daughter trip to London last July. Thought this would be a fun time to bring out the Fortnum and Mason pictures to share.

Front of Fortnum in Mason in the Piccadilly section of London.

Rachel and Barb enjoying a pot of Fortnum and Mason's Earl Grey tea.

Fortnum and Mason's tea blends are displayed in glass teapots where patrons can see and small the loose tea.

Tea Merchandise beautifully displayed and stored.

Silver teapots and strainers,add the Royal touch, for all who come to visit.

For more detailed account of tea time at Fortnum and Mason, see The Detroit Tea Examiner's London Tea Rooms: Fortnum and Mason, the Royal treatment in Piccadilly.