Sunday, August 24, 2014

Barb's TEA Shop's Tea Etiquette at The Townsend Hotel

The September/October issue of Tea Time Magazine features Michigan tea rooms and one of my favorites was among the eight venues selected - The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham. The article notes some of the special events  held recently at the luxury hotel:  tea tastings, Derby Day and tea etiquette classes. The last one would be us (!) at Barb's Tea Shop.

The first of June, Barb's TEA Shop presented "Tea and Etiquette" at The Townsend Hotel's beautiful tea lobby. (For a more detailed account of the event, see The Detroit Tea Examiner, 'Etiquette, scone finesse and treats delight at Townsend tea')

When Rachel and I arrived, the tables were already set with lovely china and fresh flower centerpieces. The screen for our presentation covered the fireplace, but since it was in June, and not the rather chilly Michigan winter we experienced a few months earlier, its warm flames were not required.

Although, the fireplace was hidden, all other treasures of the tea lobby were in full sight including the stunning crystal chandelier that illuminates the tea tables below.

Rachel and I did some last minute preparations before the guests arrived.

The tea history and etiquette talk featured a short list of recommended tea rooms in New York, Paris and London. Part of our program included a tea room guide book (published by Elmwood Inn) of said cities for each guest who attended.

We were thrilled to see some of our dear friends come to the tea as well as delighted in meeting new ones.


It was a great afternoon and we were glad to see everyone! The Townsend Hotel offers afternoon tea seven days a week and it is a wonderful experience any time of the year. Check out the write up on The Townsend Hotel in Tea Time Magazine, but better yet, call and make reservations and experience it first-hand!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making Friends Over Teatime - Barb's TEA Shop in September/October Tea Time Magazine

The Tea Diaries features Barb's Tea Shop blogger

The September/October issue of Tea Time Magazine hit newsstands yesterday and we confess, this is going to be one of our all-time favorites. Not only does this issue feature Michigan tea rooms, but also a contribution to "The Tea Diaries" from the writer of this blog. I feel very fortunate to be included in this prized magazine along with some of my favorite tea rooms in my home state, including Birmingham's Townsend Hotel and Ann Arbor's TeaHaus.

 Although the highlighted tea venues in this edition are those in the Mitten state, my article is about said blog writer and a meet-up with a Denver tea lady that I met through an earlier issue of Tea Time that featured historic places in the west to have tea.

Townsend Hotel is in Tea Time. Rachel & I presented a tea etiquette program there in June

The Molly Brown House in Denver was spotlighted in last year's March/April edition of Tea Time and Penelope Carlevato, author of "Tea on the Titantic" was to be a guest speaker at the Denver historic home the weekend I was visiting family in Colorado. (See my blog entry "Gracious Gift of Hospitality: Afternoon tea with author of 'Tea on the Titanic'"). A few phone calls and emails later, I was invited to afternoon tea at Penelope's home and became fast friends over scones and earl grey.

Afternoon tea with Penelope Carlevato (center) & sister-in-law, Cara

I've been subscribing to Tea Time Magazine for years and I can't wait until it shows up in my mailbox every other month. I get inspired by the beautiful, glossy photographs of  tablescapes and tea-travel destinations and my daughter delights in recreating the many delicious recipes. I've used this periodical as a resource, a motivator, an escape and a connection to the tea community around the world. It's nice to be included in an issue of my favorite magazine that focuses on tea places in my own backyard - and I hope it opens doors to others who may want to "make tea friends" in Detroit.

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