Saturday, February 28, 2015

Downton Abbey-inspired Afternoon Tea at Birmingham's Baldwin Library featuring Barb's TEA Shop, Republic of Tea and Townsend Hotel's scones

Lady Rose, (aka Rachel) and Barb serve guests tea in period dress

Tomorrow may be the finale of Season 5 for Downton Abbey, but the Masterpiece mini-series will continue to inspire more Edwardian period activities. Barb's TEA Shop has presented two DA-related events this year (with more to follow, so stay tuned), most recently the beginning of this month at Birmingham's Baldwin Library.

Rachel readying the tea table with scones from the Townsend

The event was "sold out" with sixty guests attending, some donning hats and gloves for the occasion. Rachel, dressed in Rose-like fashion, complete with tiara, served patrons their choice of one of the three featured teas from the  Republic of Tea's Downton Abbey line:  Grantham Breakfast Blend, a hearty black tea, English Rose, a fruity herbal and, perhaps the crowd favorite, Mrs. Patmore's Pudding, a delightful dessert blend with flavors of caramel and vanilla. All were a perfect pairing with  the delicious, fresh-baked scones from The Townsend, which are always a part the luxury hotel's daily afternoon teas.

Sixty guests attended the Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea event

Republic of Tea Downton Abbey teas were served

Each table was set with a vase filled with red roses and once seated, guests enjoyed a presentation on the Edwardian customs and some behind-the-scene tales of the Downton Abbey family. The event was captured in detail in a delightful article in the Birmingham Eccentric, "Downton Abbey aficionados enjoy library tea event"

Even though Season Five comes to an end tomorrow night, Barb's TEA Shop will continue Downton Abbey-inspired tea events. Will be at the Townsend soon (!) as well as events this summer and fall. Ring for Carson and stay tuned!