Tuesday, July 13, 2010

American Pickers (& Antiques Diva) Picked Barb's TEA Shop

Hello TEA Friends!

American Pickers and Antiques Diva picked Barb's TEA Shop to win!

If you are witnessing a thrilling cross-country road hunt for antiques and collectibles at incredible bargains under a bit of dust and dirt, you've landed at History Channel's American Pickers. This series shows the (literally) gritty side of treasure hunting as self-described "modern archaeologists", Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, scour old barns, hoarders' dwellings and neighborhoods on garbage pick-up days for neglected relics that can be turned to profits. It's the "other side" of Antiques Roadshow and the search, the digging, and the haggling are as entertaining and educational as the "find" itself.

Barb's TEA Shop found it was the lucky recipient this week of the DVD of American Pickers First Season. A fan of antique-ing and devoted treasure hunter, BTS was excited to win the American Picker's contest hosted by Antiques Diva. The Antiques Diva blog and website, if you haven't yet visited, is the high end of "picking" and one cannot only live vicariously through AD's European adventures, one can actually purchase some one-of-a-kind treasures from this site. From Paris flea markets to high end shops in Germany, you'll feel like you're with your bff shopping and dining in some of the most interesting places across the ocean. (The recent entry about discount designer dresses in Paris made me much less excited about my prized 30% Kohl's discount sticker).

So, how did we get such a cool prize? Well, on July 4th weekend, I did all the usual holiday fun stuff: went to the annual (always best-ever) family/friends cookout at my brother's, watched the fireworks, played croquet and made a big pot of tea while hitting all my favorite blogspots. The Antiques Diva was sponsoring the American Pickers contest and one only needed to submit a patriotic post. When you combine bargains, antiques, history, the Fourth of July and a free prize - by gosh, it's as American as corn-on-the cob and as diverse as corn-in-the-teacup!

Along with the DVD, BTS also recently picked up a few new treasures of our own at our favorite haunt, The Antiques Depot in Lewiston, Michigan. My husband surprised me with his own "junk-et" there two week's ago with new wrought iron chairs for our wildflower garden, and my mother-in-law and I found some beautiful Limoges tea cups. Granted, we didn't have to dig too far or dust too much, but we follow in the spirit of the American Pickers.

Thanks American Pickers and Antiques Diva for picking us!

Yours in tea and friendship and treasure hunting - be it Paris, Iowa, northern Michigan or your neighborhood Kohl's,