Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Tea Party: Brothers compete on both sides of the screen

The Super Fan: New Orleans Tea drink
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and while New Orleans is host to the Harbaugh brothers,  my brother, in a suburb of Detroit, plays host to his siblings, other family members and a number of friends at his annual SBS super party.

Although tea may not be the first thing you think of  for a pro-football match-up, the beverage is so versatile, there's something for everyone. Last week, I found a tempting tea cocktail on-line,  New Orleans style, from The Spice and Tea Exchange in The Big Easy. An email and a phone call later, I spoke with the New Orlean's franchise owner, Robin Reynolds. Her store is in the French Quarter and walking distance of the Superdome where the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens meet up this evening. She created this cocktail ("Super Fan") using the store's own Blood Orange Smoothie Tea. The recipe can be found at Super Bowl Super Fan: New Orleans tea cocktail from The Spice and Tea Exchange.

Robin was a delight to talk to and her store will be open throughout the weekend to celebrate the Super Bowl. She sells the Super Fan kits at her shop or on-line. (For those looking for the ingredients locally, The Spice and Tea Exchange has a store in downtown Birmingham).

Like the Harbaugh's today, brothers will compete at the games 

Although we're a few miles north of Louisiana, judging by the snow on the ground and the temps in the 20's, we'll still get into the party mood at my brother's house. Like the Superdome today, brother will compete against brother at Glenn's, but only in Trivial Pursuit and Family Feud. Although no one will ask the victor if they are going to Disney World, there's enough wild answers, delicious food and continuous entertainment to make guests feel like they are all winners. (My brother's parties are the best!)

Today we're celebrating a  few holidays: Ground Hogs Day, Mardi Gras and Super Bowl Sunday

Alton Brown's Choc. Chip Cookie #10

 Our contributions to the football gala are usually my husband's amazing chicken wings and my daughter's chocolate chip cookies. This year, there's one exception - since Rachel had to work today, I made the cookies. Since I did the baking, I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe:  Alton Brown's Chocolate Chip Cookie #10.

I also brewed a pot of Bewley's Irish Afternoon tea -  which I am serving  in a mug for tail-gating ambiance - to have along with a "test" cookie before I leave (quality control, I assure you.)

Countdown to fun starts now. Whether you're celebrating in New Orleans, watching the game (or Puppy Bowl) at home or flipping between the Harbaugh drama and Downton Abbey, there's sure to be a tea to fit the fun.