Saturday, February 27, 2016

Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea at Addison Township Library

Jaema Berman, Library Director (middle) with Rachel and Barb of BTS

With record-high temps last Saturday, a warm welcome to our Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea at Addison Township Public Library took on an additional meaning. Library Director, Jaema Berman, invited Barb's Tea Service to present last weekend and we were delighted to see such a wonderful turnout, with many guests wearing attire of the Downton Abbey period.

DA tea at Addison Twp library, with outdoor temps as warm as the tea 

Addison Township Public Library is located on Rochester Road across the street from Lakeville Lake. A scenic setting in Leonard, Michigan, the window views are charming whether you are looking inside or out. The staff had the sills of the large windows filled with tea-themed vignettes, including an adorable frog and turtle tea party set upon a table made from books.

Our library connections, Anita and Carol, holding prized tea cups, with Pam of BTS

Our friends, Anita K. and Carol D. were our Addison Library connections and they both participated - and won - beautiful tea cups in the silent auction that was also part of the Downton Abbey tea event. BTS member, Pam, (our logistics tour de force) joined in for a cuppa after we concluded the program.

Guests arriving at Downton Abbey afternoon tea at the library

While the stuffed animals enjoyed their tea parties on the window sills, BTS set up their tea service, (featuring the Republic of Teas, Downton Abbey teas), in a cozy corner of the library.

Setting up our tea table with Downton Abbey teas

Rachel-Rose stands center stage to introduce teas being served.

After the presentation and tea, guests were given some extra time for picture taking with a selection of the library's decorative doors as a backdrop.

Carolyn, Barb and Deb in 1920's attire.

Guests Carolyn and Deb joined me for a photo shoot with our 1920's attire. If we changed the tone to sepia, who would guess it's 2016?

Carolyn in Deb, 1925 or 2016?

Another group of attendees donned tiaras. Note, they correctly did not add feathers or high comb - a fashion faux pas of the day.

Ladies donning tiaras only, no fashion faux pas here!

Most of the items in the silent auction were tea cups donated by a library patron. It was an absolutely exequisite collection, and, yes, most assuredly, BTS put in a bid. Good fortune again came to us as we won the bid for our Paragon tea cup.

A beautiful day enhanced by Spring-like weather, delightful guests, amazing library and librarians and all new and old friends of BTS!

Apres tea, lunch at nearby  Celtic Knot

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winding down Downton Days at Meadow Brook: Three Tuesday Teas in February

Downton Days at Meadow Brook Hall - perfect venue for a DA tea

Meadow Brook Hall is hosting  a series of "Downton Days" events this month and Barb's Tea Service presented at three Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon teas which concluded this week.

Presenting in the dining room, Barb, in  Edwardian tea dress, with Rachel-Rose  

I enjoyed every single tea, but my absolute favorite was the second presentation where my daughter Rachel was able to join me as "Rachel-Rose". In addition, my cousins were in attendance on that day, and it was great to have them there as part of the Downton Days celebration.

In the front, my cousins, Dianne, Kathy and Karri with new friends.
My cousin, Karri, snapped some great shots with her smart phone, some of which I have posted here.

Entrance to Meadow Brook Hall

In the grand hall next to the fireplace

Rachel-Rose showing the Lady's Maid dress

All of the guests reported the afternoon tea fare was delicious and we could see it was artfully presented.

Delicious tea fare artfully presented.
At each tea, many guests wore fancy hats and some came attired in full vintage dress. These lovely ladies expertly captured the 1920's with their beautiful gowns and accessories.

Vicky, Nicole and Jennifer captured the Roaring 20's.
The first tea took place on a snowy, chilly afternoon (see top picture) in early February, but for the following consecutive Tuesdays, the weather got a little nicer each time. On the last tea, it was mild and sunny outside (bottom picture). Of course, the temperature inside was always warm and cozy with a blazing fire in the fireplace and plenty of hot, delicious tea being served.

Warm & sunny afternoon, nicer weather and a new DA episode to look forward to!

We were thrilled to be part of Downton Days at Meadow Brook. Although the our Downton Abbey-inspired teas have concluded, we have a lot of great memories, new friends, renewed acquaintances and another episode of Downton Abbey to hold on to!

(More Meadow Brook tea stories to come in upcoming blog stories!)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tea in the 'D' at Socra Tea

Today, when I stopped  into one of my favorite tea rooms, Socra Tea, I was greeted with a delightful surprise. "Michigan Tea Rooms', my new book, was displayed front and center in the bookcase, keeping company with Fortnum and Mason's tea guide and Manual Del Sommelier de Te. I always feel at home at Socra Tea, so it was such a treat to see "Michigan Tea Rooms" looking equally comfortable in its environs.

Breakfast in the D with the family

After a flurry of tea events these past few weeks -   Eleanor Roosevelt tea at the Townsend, Downton Days at Meadow Brook and Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea at the Addison Library (all of which will be featured in upcoming blog stories!) -  today was scheduled for fun times with the family in the "D. Of course, it had to include a trip to Socra Tea for hot cup of our favorite beverage.

We also stocked up on some great teas for our upcoming Chinese tea tasting in March.

After a few pots of tea, we purchased some tea for home and tea tastings. Rachel also bought a lovely watercolor of the state of Michigan. Socra Tea sells teapots and accessories as well as an amazing collection of artwork.

Whenever we're in Detroit, we stop for tea at this cozy venue on Garfield near Woodward. Meg P., co-owner of Socra Tea, says there's more new teas coming soon. There's always something brewing at Socra Tea and, whenever it's tea, it's delicious!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

We're Up with Downton! More Downton Abbey-inspired teas all over Michigan!!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Downton Abbey-inspired tea!

We're baaaaaack . . .  with Downton Abbey-themed teas for 2016 and we're coming to your neighborhood soon!

We started the new year at Southfield Public Library with our first DA-inspired tea of 2016. This month we have three Downton Days tea talks at Meadow Brook Hall. Although the Meadow Brook teas are all sold out, do not despair. There's plenty more Downton Abbey tea events featuring Barb's Tea Service and we're traveling all over Michigan from Addison Township to Gaylord in February and March, respecitvely. After our journey north, we'll be back home in Birmingham and Walled Lake in April. The following month, we'll travel to Schoolcraft (near Kalamazoo) and Linden. We hope you will come to one of these teas and join us for some DA fun!

Visit in 2015 to the "downstairs" life at Meadow Brook, this year we're part of  Downton Days tea 

Saturday, February 20th, we'll be at Addison Township Public Library.  The Downton Abbey-inspired tea starts at 1:00.  Rachel and Pam will be welcoming guests with delicious hot tea.

Pam and Rachel brew and serve Downton Abbey teas

Check out our schedule on Barb's Tea Service's  BTS upcoming events page for our events from February through May all over Michigan.

Hope to see you soon wherever you are in the Mitten State. We'll keep the DA lights on for you!