Father's Day with the family
Mother’s Day in the Gulley household was wonderful (as noted in the last blog), but it did raise some speculation as to  whether or not we could make the day as wonderful for Father’s Day. Turns out, there was nothing to worry about.

We spent most of the weekend at our cabin up north – my husband’s favorite place to relax and unwind. We were joined by our son, Rob, and my brother-in-law, Bryan ,who not only were guests but boat mechanics for a good part of Saturday. I don’t know how that equates to fun, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. I will say, though, that all their efforts paid off as we launched the boats in the water for their maiden journeys of 2013.

Brothers with hats and Pure Leaf tea
Equipped with snacks, iced tea and sun-block, I joined the crew, along with Rob’s dog, Terra, for the second ride of the day.

A quick moment about the tea:  we selected Pure Leaf tea right out of the convenience store’s coolers. The guys chose the “sweet tea” flavor and I took the raspberry.  I have to say, for bottled iced-tea, it was really good – not overly sweet like many of the prepared drinks and the tea taste came through.  The taste was refreshing and even the packaging is pretty, adding a little sophistication to a boat excursion with chex mix, potato chips and a wet dog.

Pure Leaf is a product of a Pepsi/Lipton partnership and other flavors include lemon and peach. 

Enjoying some raspberry iced tea out on the lake
After a few mostly restful hours out on the lake - except for a brief overboard incident when Terra leaped overboard to hunt down a passing family of ducks - we came back in for a pizza dinner and naps all around.

Terra back from a swim in the lake in an effort to chase down ducks
The next day, Father’s Day, we were back at home and joined by our other children, Matt and Rachel for a hamburger dinner on the deck. Treasure bath for Dad included a bottle of his favorite wine, a new iPhone cover and a new cooking gadget that allows you to stuff your hamburger with tasty ingredients while grilling.  (can’t wait to see what comes from that!).

But, lucky me, I was also the recipient of a gift on Father’s Day, too – although it wasn't planned.

"Tea plant" from Rachel 

Rachel had been to the Birmingham Farmer’s Market that morning and as soon as she saw a teacup-shaped basket with a flowering plant inside, she knew she might succumb to a purchase.  The price and adorableness was just too good to resist. It even has a charming metal tag on the front labeled “tea”.  All of this for $5.00!!  Of course, I’m heading there myself next weekend.

But, back to the Dad in the story, the true focus of this holiday: with a weekend up- north topped by a family dinner al fresco, Father’s Day turned out as good as last month’s family celebration. Maybe even better!!