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British Tea Special Collector's Issue features Barb's Tea Service, Karri Brantley Photography!

British Tea, special collector's issue, features Barb & Rachel Gulley and Karri Brantley Photography

British Tea, a special collector's issue publication from the editors of TeaTime Magazine, features a compendium of British Isle-themed recipes, articles and glossy photos, the last two include contributions from Barb's Tea Service and Karri Brantley Photography.

A contributing writer, photo of Rachel and me by Karri Brantley Photography

There is so much to love about this edition, from its beautiful, textured cover displaying an inviting tea table topped with a crystal and silver three-tiered stand (and a tiny Highclere Castle photo insert at the top) to the twenty-seven locations to take tea throughout England, Ireland and Scotland described inside. With our "family connections" we couldn't be more excited to be part of this amazing British-tea-themed magazine!

Our visit to Highclere Castle in 2015, updated for British Tea

The article that we wrote for TeaTime Magazine, "A Visit to the Real Downton Abbey", is updated with information on the upcoming film as well as news on Lady Carnarvon's newest book.

And, you'll also find us on page eight, as one of three contributing writers to this issue. There's a wonderful photo of Rachel (daughter and Marketing and Ops Manager of BTS) and me, in period attire, sipping tea. This was taken by Karri B. of Karri Brantley Photography (cousin and professional photographer).

Downton Abbey-inspired tea at Meadow Brook

When Lorna Reeves, editor of TeaTime Magazine asked me for a professional photo to use in British Tea, I immediately went to my file of photographs taken by Karri for BTS. After a quick consult with Karri, she found what we believed to fit the bill most perfectly. The photo was taken at one of our Downton-Abbey-inspired afternoon teas at Meadow Brook Hall. You'll see her credit on the bottom of the photo.

Photo courtesy Karri Brantley Photography

The request from Lorna reminded me of how important it is to have high quality photos for your business -  or special event - at the ready. It's an investment that continues to provide returns, whether it be projecting that professional image or keeping special memories as beautiful as the day they occurred. We've used Karri Brantley photography for our business, but  we've also recommended her to friends and family who used Karri's amazing services for head shots and special events (including one of my besties recent wedding!)

Karri B. taking a quick break at my dear friend's wedding

I've been pouring through the pages of British Tea as eagerly and leisurely as I've been pouring myself accompanying cups of tea. I'm inspired to create new afternoon tea recipes as much as I am to visit (or revisit!) some of the amazing historical and whimsical places to have tea across the pond (and when the emphasis is on "whimsey", check out the "Afternoon Tea on the Move" article).

We love British Tea and are thrilled our family-ties are connected! Order on-line or find it at Barnes and Noble bookstore through June!

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