Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tea-rrific gifts for the tea enthusiast! BTS' Top Ten.

Though the Calendar may have served its purpose, Adagio has a lot of holiday tea gifts to choose from.

With only a week before Christmas eve, there's not much time left to shop, but  BTS is here to assist! Here's our top ten tea-rrific gifts, ranging from $1.99 to "sky's-the-limit".

1. Adagio's Christmas teas. Prices range from $9.00 - $39.00.  Although the Advent Calendar may be obsolete by Christmas, there's still fun to be had trying a different tea every day, be it leading up to Christmas or starting the new year. However, Adagio also has a variety of Christmas tea gifts ranging from $9.00 to $39.00, including seasonal teas and festive mugs.

Twelve Etiquette Essentials: Dining Manners has something for everyone!

2. Twelve Etiquette Essentials. $10.99  Written by Barbara J. Gulley and illustrated by Barbara R. Gulley, this book has something for everyone! Not just about afternoon tea - although that is certainly a part of it - this book includes etiquette for business dinners (think about your recent college grad starting their new career), proper place settings (so your table will always look fantastic!) and proper instruction for difficult-to-eat foods.

Tea tasting at Light of Day, an enjoyable & educational time with friends.

3. Light of Day Teas tea tasting! $10.00 per person. Once you're up in Traverse City, treat your favorite tea enthusiast(s) to a sample of five different teas at Michigan's only tea farm. Teas are outstanding and you'll learn a lot about the variety of teas from the well-informed staff.

Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea, feature's Michigan's own Light of Day!

4. Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea. $75.00.  While at Light of Day,  you can pick up the latest book from tea guru, Jane Pettigrew. This tome covers the global history, geography and culture of tea and includes Michigan's own Light of Day! (Also available at bookstores.)

Afternoon tea at The Wolseley. Now you can experience a bit of it at home.

5. Vintage teapot from The Wolseley. Prices starting at £229, plus shipping.  These are vintage teapots from the early 1900's that have graced the tables at The Wolseley in London. Enjoy a bit of British history and an extra serving of luxury with these exquisite pieces. Even if this doesn't arrive by Christmas, I will  (*ahem*) your recipient will understand!

This issue features our article on our visit to a tea room in Rome.
Tea Time is a MUST!

6.  Tea Time Magazine subscription. Current special is $18.00 for a yearly subscription. This is a MUST have for anyone passionate about tea. Each bi-monthly issue features recipes, tablescapes, events and articles on tea room travels (a few from yours truly!).  The magazine is stuffed with amazing information accompanied by beautiful photographs.

7.  IKEA tea accessories. Prices range $1.99 to 29.99.  IKEA offers a collection of tea accessories that won't break the piggy bank and come with those amusing names we're not quite sure how to pronounce. We were especially fond of the tea canister, Blomning, and the  Vardagen teapot, $1.99 and $9.99 respectively. (And, ya, the mjolk still goes in last.)

An afternoon of luxury in our own backyard. Tea at The Townsend!

8. Afternoon tea at The Townsend Hotel.  Prices start at $19.99 for a cream tea, $45 - $65 for afternoon tea, $99 for Gentlemen's tea.  The Townsend offers teas for little princesses, ladies' groups and even the gents (the latter comes with flights of bourbon or wine).  Take the opportunity to partake in a luxurious tea experience close to home in downtown Birmingham.

                                            At the JA Festival with bags of Bingley's

9. Bingley's Teas.  $12.00 for a 60 gram pouch of loose tea. It's a truth universally acknowledged that many Jane Austen fans are in need of a good tea. Bingley's teas fits the bill! Delicious blends with pretty packaging and clever descriptions.  We're very fond of Mr. Knightly's reserve, with "balance in both flavor and opinion".

10. Michigan Home and Lifestyle Magazine.  $17.00 for a year's subscription (four issues). This is ESSENTIAL reading for Michiganders. This lovely magazine covers a variety of topics and, although not a tea magazine, the latest issue includes an Afternoon Tea article and an interview with the author of Twelve Etiquette Essentials!

Any of these items would be sure to delight the tea enthusiast on your list. But, most assuredly, the gift they would most love would be to share a cup of tea with you! Get the kettle going, throw some Earl Grey in the vintage silver teapot (or the Vardagen) and enjoy the company of friends and family over a hot cup of tea - mjolk in first or last!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Barb's Tea Service!!!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I might add the Devries store in Eastern Market has a fabulous selection of Harney teas, and knowledgeable helpers to assist you. - Barb Tabb

Barb's Tea Shop said...

Barb - excellent suggestion! I haven't been down to Devries for about a year and always find it a great experience. Have you talked to Howard? He's awesome. Maybe we need an afternoon in the D in the new year!