Friday, December 28, 2018

Enjoy a rich experience at the Pour House! Downtown Lewiston's new coffee, tea (and more!) shop.

Sitting at my favorite spot at The Pour House, near the cheery fire, with a cup of tea.

The Pour House is a great place to meet up over coffee, tea, sandwiches or sweets and its warm and cheery environs will make you want to stay longer for another cup and maybe just another cinnamon roll.

Located in  Lewiston, a small town in northeastern Michigan currently experiencing an exciting  downtown redevelopment, The Pour House's interior is a blend of contemporary and rustic décor with its stone and wood embellished walls and its exposed rafter ceiling. It makes for a cozy spot to welcome all its guests. My favorite spot is near the fireplace, seated on the cushy chairs and sofa.

The Pour House, new to downtown Lewiston this year, is located on Kneeland Street and opened all year round.

The menu offers a great variety of soups, quiches, sandwiches and paninis. In my last few visits, I've tried one of each and every one has been a winner.

The coffee is delicious and you can customize it with special flavors. The Pour House also offers a great selection of espresso drinks. We tried the Dirty Chai latte this week and it was fabulous - the perfect drink to sip on near the fire on a chilly December afternoon.

The Pour House currently sells and serves Fraser Tea.

We met up with co-owner, Zac Weaver, on our recent visit and he tells us they are still working on their tea menu. Currently, they serve Fraser teas in three different varieties. Looks like there will be more tea to choose from in the future, so we'll stay tuned!

Contemporary and rustic décor make The Pour House a cozy place to meet up for breakfast or lunch.

In addition to food and drink, The Pour House also sells merchandise (we love the "I'm a Pot Head" shirts and mugs, featuring - of course - a graphic of a coffee pot!).  You can also take  home some of the menu items, including The Pour House brand whole bean coffee and, yes, those great cinnamon rolls!

You bring home The Pour House experience with their signature coffee and cinnamon rolls.

The Pour House is open all year round and is located at 2850 Kneeland Street, Lewiston, Michigan.

For more information, check out their website,  or visit them on facebook, at 

Save me a seat by the fireplace and a cinnamon roll, please! 


Unknown said...

We truly enjoy your visit!!

Anonymous said...

You fail to mention it's the best cup of coffee north of M-55 and east of I-75. Every grouse hunting trip this fall included stops to The Pour House, Lewiston Lodge, The Villager, and up to Atlanta to the Baklava Shop. The only knock on The Pour House is they are not open 7 days, but everyone deserves a day off.