Sunday, November 11, 2018

Twelve Etiquette Essentials, Formal Dining and Tea Time: BTS' new book is now available!!

Twelve Etiquette Essentials, Formal Dining and Tea Time is now available on Amazon!

A second book in BTS' "Steeper by the Dozen" series, Twelve Etiquette Essentials has something for everyone: from the host or hostess needing a refresher on proper table settings to young professionals navigating the business meal.  Twelve Etiquette Essentials also answers the daunting  question of how to handle tricky foods  - fingers only or fork and knife? And, of course, we cover proper afternoon tea etiquette!

The Barbara Gulleys (on the right) enjoying tea with Rachel and Cara

A book by the "Barbara Gulleys", this project took a village to complete. My mother-in-law and gifted artist, provided the illustrations and was up for any challenge, including a request for a picture featuring both boxing gloves and ladies' formal gloves.  (see Chapter 4, "Accessories").

Draft of one the challenging requests  (see Chapter 6, "Business Dinner" for the final)

In addition to Barbara R. Gulley's art work, my son, Matt Gulley, who has a B.A. in English and a talented writer in his own right, edited this book, spending several hours revising my content and fixing my typo's. 

My daughter, Rachel, the other half of Barb's Tea Service, worked out formatting issues from a not-so-user-friendly template in the publishing tool we used.

And, check out the top photo on the back cover. That was taken by my talented cousin, Karri Brantley, who has her own photography business, Karri Brantley Photography

So, indeed, it took a lot of time for a small book, but one we hope you'll find it informative as well as entertaining.

(Twelve Etiquette Essentials also got a shout out in the most recent edition of Michigan Home and Lifestyle!)

AND, just in time for the holidays - Twelve Etiquette Essentials would be the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!

Twelve Etiquette Essentials, Formal Dining and Tea Time is available on Amazon. For more information, reach us at  

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