Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pot hole ice cream: Take the rocky road to Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream!

Pair a cup of warm tea with your frozen pot hole treat

 'Tis the season in Michigan for massive snow melts and caution on the road.  The warmer temperatures bring out not only sunglass-wearing natives in droves, but an expanse of newly created dips and ditches along the Detroit Metro highways. While most pot holes are hazardous and to be avoided at all costs, there's one that is sinfully delicious and happily served up at Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream in Franklin.

Enjoying a cup of pot hole on the main level of the Farmhouse

After reading about this marvel in Tuesday's Free Press (Pot holes got you down?), I knew it was time for another visit to the Farmhouse for tea and treats.

A delicious pot hole you can sink your teeth into!

The label for Michigan Pot Hole boasts that this confection is comprised of  "thick black tar fudge, in chocolate ice cream, with chunky chocolate cookie asphalt pieces".

Ambiance is warm and cozy, main level, upstairs or outside

This is seriously good ice cream.  While it may hit your diet as hard as its namesake will wallop your tire rim, it is worth every rich and decadent calorie and a lot less expensive. In fact, the Farmhouse currently has a promotion running through the end of this month that will bring the price down even further. If you bring in a receipt of any car damage caused by a pot hole from February 1st of this year through March 25th, the Farmhouse will give you a scoop of Michigan Pot Hole for free.

Pot holes and tea (and there's no wrong way to do so, that's only for queuing up_ 

We paired our Pot Hole ice cream with a cup of Harney's Earl Grey. 

Farmhouse ambiance and service is warm and cheery

Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream is located in downtown Franklin, on Franklin Road, just south of the Cider Mill. The ambiance and service is as warm and cheery as a cup of freshly brewed tea.  It's a cozy venue with comfy seating available on the first floor, the upstairs loft, or - on a 60 plus degree day in February - the outside deck.

Whether you experience a real pot hole or are lucky enough to survive the rocky roads of metro Detroit, treat yourself to a heaping serving of  Michigan Pot Hole ice cream at Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream.

'Tis the season for warmer temps and pot holes on Michigan roads

For more information on Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream, visit their website or check them out on Facebook:  Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream.

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