Saturday, March 10, 2018

After a train show, where do you have tea? Visit No.VI in Novi, train stop or not

Hogwarts Express  "9 3/4" , not the only fabled train stop

My husband is a model train enthusiast, so last month, when a train show came to town, he was eager to attend. Taking place at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Chris asked if I would be at all interested in joining him.  Knowing No.VI, a coffee and tea shop I had been wanting to visit was nearby, I was on board.  Why not combine to two special interests of one household into a fun afternoon excursion? And, from local legend, I'd heard that the city Novi got its name from being the sixth stop (No. VI) along the stretch of railroad that ran through the western side of the state. What a great tie-in!

We'll be back at No.VI Coffee & Tea to try those scrumptious looking baked goods

Although the derivation of the city's name is a fun story, I have since found out, it's more folklore than fact.  According to the City of Novi's history page, there are nine theories of how Novi got it's name, from the reasonable, (it was the sixth township in Oakland County), to the ridiculous, (a well-known blacksmith/preacher who continually denied his wife Vivian's "spending suggestions", thus the oft heard, "No, Vi").

Nevertheless, after the train show -  which was pretty amazing, filled with a variety of elaborately set train tracks criss-crossing detailed tiny towns and rural settings, including a scaled model of Hogwarts Express and, like No.Vi,  the  other  fabled train station stop, 9 3/4 - we headed out for coffee and tea, just down the road.

Train stop or not, No.VI Coffee and Tea is a great place to visit

On a busy Sunday afternoon at No.VI Coffee and Tea, there was not a seat to be found. It's a good-sized tea room with a cozy vibe, featuring two fireplaces and lots of comfy chairs. Chris had a coffee and I, had an Earl Grey. They serve Harney teas, however, the courteous barista told me that that is going to change soon. So, stay tuned!

I'm planning to go back, perhaps on a weekday, when it's not quite so busy, and try some of the baked goods  that looked so scrumptious  and see what new tea they will be serving.

All aboard for the next adventure, and that's no myth!

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Anonymous said...

I'm there all the time! It's right next to where I work. Had I known you were there I could have met you for a cuppa tea -- Barb Tabb