Friday, May 5, 2017

Icelandic Herbal Tea from Reykjavick

Iceland is filled with natural beauty. Geyser near Reykjavick

One of the perks of having a daughter who loves to travel is the different teas she brings back for me to sample. Last year, it was some delicious chai from India, this month, it was herbal tea from Iceland.

Icelandic Herbal Tea is made up of moss, birch and angelica

In April, Rachel spent a week in Iceland - a country that, despite it chilly temps, has become the "hot spot" for tourism.  It has a population of just over 300,000, but 1.7 million come to visit annually.

Herbal tea fully brewed in front of a Puffin wine holder, also from Iceland

The country is known for its natural beauty. It's terrain is comprised of volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. It's not a stretch to conclude that in a country with an abundance of natural resources, it would have an amazing herbal tea. And, it does!

Icelandic Herbal tea from Islensk Hollusta is made up of Iceland moss, birch and angelica. The latter, as I learned from Wikipedia, is an herb native to temperate and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere and is used for flavoring and medicinal purposes. It's also referred to as "wild celery".

Icelandic Herbal Tea leaves  ready to be brewed

According to the Icelandic Herbal Tea package, the moss is nutritional and has soothing and stimulating properties. It's also an antioxidant.

Overhead lighting in an Iceland cafe. (my cup of tea!)

The birch leaves make it a diuretic tea and the angelica is said to aid with digestion and promote energy.

Aside from the health benefits this tea proclaims, it's a delicious non-caffeinated drink - earthy and hearty, but no bitterness. It's got a little mix of northern woods with grassy tones,  slightly reminiscent of a green tea but with a forestry kick. Two mittened thumbs up to Icelandic Herbal Tea and an appreciate warm hug to Rachel for bringing this tea home.

Rachel, with her Mitten State hat, in Iceland

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