Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BTS featured artist: Cara, embroidery specialist

With sis-in-law, Cara, wearing our BTS aprons in Birmigham

From time to time, our blog features artists that we find of special interest. This month our focus is on an artist that is both special and interesting, my sister-in-law Cara. She excels in sewing, for years an avid and talented quilter. Recently she turned her attention to machine embroidery and  Barb's Tea Service has been the happy and grateful recipient of some of  Cara's personalized products, including stylish tea towels which we use at many of our tea tastings.
BTS tea towels embroidered by Cara - used at many of our tea tasting events

When Cara started machine embroidery, BTS was not the only beneficiary of her "handiwork". Pemberly Pines, our up north cottage, received customized towels as well polo shirts for the gentleman of the estate, Lord Gulley of Glencoe.

Pemberly Pines bath towels 

Our customized Pemberly Pines towel set features embroidered deer and evergreens and hang in the main bathroom of our cottage. Gives P. Pines the air of a tony B & B.

Plush blankets with "wood" letters for the gent of P.Pines

The latest Pemberly Pines items from Cara are plush blankets with themed applique letters for the Lord and Lady of the manor. For, Chris, the wood-look letters, for me, tea cups, of course.

Tea cup letters for the ladies of Pemberly Pines

We're really excited about last month's BTS products from Cara - aprons! Now we all have beautiful matching black aprons with our signature logo and pink teapot. 

Rachel dons one of Cara's BTS embroidered aprons

Rachel and Pam look fabulous in their latest Cara creation and will be stylin' for the next BTS event.

Toasting mutual birthdays with Pam while wearing new BTS apron.

Of course, Cara couldn't leave Lord Gulley out the apron collection. She made a special one for Chris with Pemberly Pines branding.

Lord Gulley gets a personalized apron, too.

All of Cara's embroidery products show amazing detail and color coordination. The needlework is true artistry. It's a wonderful combination of practical and pretty.

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