Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winding down Downton Days at Meadow Brook: Three Tuesday Teas in February

Downton Days at Meadow Brook Hall - perfect venue for a DA tea

Meadow Brook Hall is hosting  a series of "Downton Days" events this month and Barb's Tea Service presented at three Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon teas which concluded this week.

Presenting in the dining room, Barb, in  Edwardian tea dress, with Rachel-Rose  

I enjoyed every single tea, but my absolute favorite was the second presentation where my daughter Rachel was able to join me as "Rachel-Rose". In addition, my cousins were in attendance on that day, and it was great to have them there as part of the Downton Days celebration.

In the front, my cousins, Dianne, Kathy and Karri with new friends.
My cousin, Karri, snapped some great shots with her smart phone, some of which I have posted here.

Entrance to Meadow Brook Hall

In the grand hall next to the fireplace

Rachel-Rose showing the Lady's Maid dress

All of the guests reported the afternoon tea fare was delicious and we could see it was artfully presented.

Delicious tea fare artfully presented.
At each tea, many guests wore fancy hats and some came attired in full vintage dress. These lovely ladies expertly captured the 1920's with their beautiful gowns and accessories.

Vicky, Nicole and Jennifer captured the Roaring 20's.
The first tea took place on a snowy, chilly afternoon (see top picture) in early February, but for the following consecutive Tuesdays, the weather got a little nicer each time. On the last tea, it was mild and sunny outside (bottom picture). Of course, the temperature inside was always warm and cozy with a blazing fire in the fireplace and plenty of hot, delicious tea being served.

Warm & sunny afternoon, nicer weather and a new DA episode to look forward to!

We were thrilled to be part of Downton Days at Meadow Brook. Although the our Downton Abbey-inspired teas have concluded, we have a lot of great memories, new friends, renewed acquaintances and another episode of Downton Abbey to hold on to!

(More Meadow Brook tea stories to come in upcoming blog stories!)

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