Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tea in the 'D' at Socra Tea

Today, when I stopped  into one of my favorite tea rooms, Socra Tea, I was greeted with a delightful surprise. "Michigan Tea Rooms', my new book, was displayed front and center in the bookcase, keeping company with Fortnum and Mason's tea guide and Manual Del Sommelier de Te. I always feel at home at Socra Tea, so it was such a treat to see "Michigan Tea Rooms" looking equally comfortable in its environs.

Breakfast in the D with the family

After a flurry of tea events these past few weeks -   Eleanor Roosevelt tea at the Townsend, Downton Days at Meadow Brook and Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea at the Addison Library (all of which will be featured in upcoming blog stories!) -  today was scheduled for fun times with the family in the "D. Of course, it had to include a trip to Socra Tea for hot cup of our favorite beverage.

We also stocked up on some great teas for our upcoming Chinese tea tasting in March.

After a few pots of tea, we purchased some tea for home and tea tastings. Rachel also bought a lovely watercolor of the state of Michigan. Socra Tea sells teapots and accessories as well as an amazing collection of artwork.

Whenever we're in Detroit, we stop for tea at this cozy venue on Garfield near Woodward. Meg P., co-owner of Socra Tea, says there's more new teas coming soon. There's always something brewing at Socra Tea and, whenever it's tea, it's delicious!

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