Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tea History at Troy Historic Village: Sharing tea with old and new friends

Sharing a cup of tea with Stephanie Suszek, Adult Programs Director

This past Thursday, Barb's Tea Service presented "Tea History and Etiquette" inside the Old Troy Church at the Troy Historic Village to a wonderful group of attendees.  We were delighted to meet new friends as well as see so many familiar faces.

A variety of teas served with style
Guests enjoyed a wide selection of teas, displayed beautifully and served with style.

Tasty treats with a Valentine Day theme
In addition to tea, a variety of tasty treats were presented with a Valentine Day theme.

Stephanie Suszek introduces  the program
A special thanks to Stephanie Suszek, Adult Programs Director, for extending the invitation to speak last Fall. This is Barb's Tea Service's third time presenting at Troy Historic Village and it's always an honor and pleasure to be part of this special venue. A true treasure in our neighborhood.

Mary Ann and co. recognize the Althorpe tea caddy

The ladies in the front row, including Mary Ann H., immediately recognized my reproduction tea caddy from the Althorpe collection, home decor inspired by furnishings of the Spencer estate. Mary Ann and company also attended the afternoon tea at Scott Shuptrine two years ago when Lord Spencer paid a visit to Royal Oak. I interviewed Lord Spencer and also Mary Ann for the Examiner. (See also . . . Tea with Lord Spencer).  Great to reconnect with these lovely ladies as well as Kathy B. who was in attendance and had invited me to speak at one of her church's Tranquil Teas back in 2010.

Guests share a bit of tea currency from her own collection
At the end of the program, one guest brought a reproduction of tea currency to show. It was a very interesting piece from her own collection. Thanks for sharing!

We also raffled off two of our "Michigan Tea Rooms" books and  were thrilled to sell and autograph several more to the event attendees.

Thanks to all who came out last week for the Troy Historic Village's Thursday Teas at Two!

We have a very busy February, March and April coming up. Please check out our upcoming events page on our website,  Hope to see you soon!


Burt Princeton said...

Congrats! with successful tea events. Keep it up! and thank you for continues advocating the goodness of drinking tea.

mackyton said...

That sounds great! Many congratulations my friend! Personally, I also love attending such fun tea parties. At some domestic outdoor New York venues I also threw a funky tea party for my friends. I met some friends after a long time and truly it was great way to meet and greet them. Isn’t it?

Sherri Schmidt said...

This is a great party! I wish I can join the next one.

Billy Travis said...

Tea moment is perfect, especially when shared with some old friends.