Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nomination for best performance by a tea cup goes to Colclough in 'Brooklyn'

Colclough cup from "Brooklyn" on the red carpet
 It's a red carpet night at the Golden Globes where actors and actresses from critically acclaimed movies (and television) are nominated for outstanding performances. We'd like to propose a new category: best tea cup showing. As you might have guessed, we already have a winner in mind.

Moms and daughters off to see Brooklyn
This weekend, a girl's night out for dinner and a movie, brought us to see "Brooklyn". Moms and daughters agreed the movie was great. A touching story set in the 1950's centers on a young woman from Ireland who seeks a new life in Brooklyn and meets a sweet and adoring young man from a close-knit Italian family. A story that produced the perfect mixture of tears and laughter, we're rooting for Saorise Ronan who has been nominated for best actress in this sweet, coming-of-age tale.

Getting ready to buy a Colclough tea cup at Antique Depot in Lewiston
But what about the silent, understated role of the china tea cup? We would like to honor the Colclough cup with tiny floral buds set against a pastel blue background with stately gold trim.

I have to admit, it was Rachel who first noticed the cup in an early scene where a mother and her daughters are sitting together at the dining room table of their family home in Ireland. My daughter leaned over and whispered, "there's your teacup". And the scene was over.

Fortunately for me, it showed up two more times.

Colclough cups purchased at Kristeas before they moved to CO
Coincidentally enough, I just purchased the identical tea cup last month at our favorite vintage store up north, Antique Depot.  It caught my eye on our last shopping trip as it matched a set I had purchased at Kristeas in Berkley last January (just before it closed and moved to Colorado).

Colclough tea cup, beautiful no matter what its wearing
I love my Colclough tea cups and the member of this lovely family that appeared in "Brooklyn" deserves our applause.  Bravo, little tea cup. Your performance was brilliant. And you look good no matter what you're wearing!


Aries Timber said...

No wonder! Colclough tea cup looks perfect.

Billy Travis said...

Judging its appearance Colclough teacup looks great, I wonder what are the qualities of these cups and its performance.