Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two to Tango and One great party on the Fourth adds up to a big "Ten"!

My Fourth of July started with Tango and ended up with fireworks.  I guess one could say, it was a bit of "Dancing with the Stars. . . and Stripes" for the holiday.

Every year, my brother Glenn hosts a spectacular Fourth of July party at his house. Although he still sends e-mail invites to family and friends, it's just a formality as the "core" group doesn't even question what they will be doing that day and anyone else they want to bring along is always welcome. My "kids" have never spent a Fourth in any other fashion and have never missed a year. With a pool, croquet, badminton, and a picnic feast, it's not difficult to understand why.

Rachel (right) takes her turn holding the City Style Tango banner

But, this year, the holiday morning started out with a twist on tradition with a little dancing on Main Street before heading out to my brother's. My oldest son, Rob, and daughter, Rachel, take lessons at "City Style Tango" in Clawson and they were part of the city's Fourth of July parade. I literally had a curbside seat to watch as both instructors and students performed various dance moves down the street. Festive and impressive, they moved gracefully for the duration of the parade route. I could almost see Bruno Tonioli leaping from his desk and shouting "Ten!"

Rob (left, in red shirt) dances the tango with other City Style Tango folks

And this was just the beginning!

Back at my brother's, we started with croquet, moving on to bean bag toss, barbecue feast and then lawn chair badminton. Cooler temps made for more intense sports participation, but the pool was not utilized much except for serving as a major water trap for croquet.

Pool serves as water trap for this year's croquet

Lawn chair badminton: sitting and rotating

New this year, balloon Russian Roulet. Glenn is about to go out with a bang!

Matt is victorious in this game. Next  year, we're addin' water!

Rachel models fashionable croquet wear.

We indulged in some iced tea conveniences in the bottle and readied ourselves for the evening fireworks.

Enjoying an iced tea break with Rob.
 Another Fantastic Fourth.  Like Bruno, we can't contain ourselves. We give a "Ten!" to the Fourth!!

Our host begins the fireworks.

Crystal fountain never disappoints! Another "Ten" for the Fourth!!

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