Monday, July 14, 2014

Miss America Afternoon Tea: An Elegant Affair to Remember

An Elegant Affair of Roses and Royalty, even the napkins were beautiful

Still riding the Patriotic theme of Fourth of July, it seems like a great tie-in to a charity tea event  I attended this Spring that featured another of our country’s traditions, Miss America. In May, I went to “An Elegant Affair of Roses and Royalty” featuring Kirsten Haglund, Miss America of 2008.  Held at the Glen Oaks Country Club in Farmington Hills (Kirsten's hometown), and under the direction of tea specialist, Linda Pudlik, guests were treated to an “enhanced” afternoon tea, a fashion show, live music, boutique shopping and a special talk and performance by Kirsten Haglund.  Proceeds went to Kirsten’s charity, “The Kirsten Haglund Foundation”, which provides assistance and financial aid to those seeking treatment from eating disorders.

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America, 2008 starts the event with a song

I sat at a table assembled by another tea specialist and fellow blogger, Phyllis Barkey.   As someone who loves a tablescape almost as much as the food, I found this event scored high on both accounts. Starting with the rose-shaped napkins on each place setting and the fresh flowers on every table, accompanied by a multi-course, scrumptious lunch, it truly lived up to an “elegant affair”.  Perhaps, Kirsten was the official “royal”, but we all felt like members of the court that afternoon.

Linda Pudlik speaks to guests about tea and the Haglund family
I hit the jackpot that day, as not only did I get to take part in such a wonderful event, but was seated next to Chef Anita Kern, the chef at O’Mara’s in Berkley and cooking instructor at Sur La Table.  A discussion that started on the cooking technique of sous-vide, (my husband’s latest passion and more about that in an upcoming blog) lead us on to talking about a lot  more common interests, including Downton Abbey.  (This lead to my attending last month’s Downton Abbey tea at O’Mara’s as well as a “Taste of Tuscany” and, of course, signing up for a personal sous-vide class at Sur La Table with our foodie friends at the end of this month – again, more blogs to come!).

Kirsten poses with fashion show volunteers

Beautiful ambiance, delicious treats, spectacular entertainment and amazing company. To borrow from a classic movie title, it was, indeed, an Elegant Affair to Remember.

Afternoon tea hats off to Linda for putting together such a lovely event and to Phyllis for extending the invite to be at her table.  Great people and  a great cause, too – I think that pretty much captures the American spirit!

Ending on a high note:  chocolate biscuit cake!

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parTea lady said...

That sounds like a wonderful event. I would have really enjoyed the speakers and the elegant tables & tea foods. I love that it also led to other great events and classes.