Sunday, January 20, 2013

Going back to Bath to learn how to become modern day Mr. Darcy

So far this year at Barb's TEA Shop, we're staying close to home, but still doing a lot of time traveling from the Edwardian Era via Downton Abbey to the Regency Period for all things Jane. With regards to the latter, we came across a great video from the U.K.'s Guardian travel page, featuring Marcel Theroux. A  British broadcaster and author, Theroux recently traveled to Bath to learn how to become a modern day Mr. Darcy. He's introduced to Regency attire, manners and dancing in the day of Jane Austen. Click on the link below to view the entire experience.

Marcel Theroux attends a regency ball a the Bath Pump Room

Did not realize how important it was for gentleman to point their feet in a V-shape. I must confess, if Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy walked into the Pump Room without such effort, I should still think him a fine, fine gentleman. (Mr. Theroux, indeed, looks quite well himself).

As Theroux's video notes, Bath is a beautiful and romantic city and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit back in 2006. During a family vacation to London, we made a day trip to the city touring the Roman baths and the famous Pump Room.

Barb and Rachel in Bath in 2006

There was - of course - a gift shop nearby where I bought a few Jane Austen items as well as a tin of Pump Room loose tea. (As I recall, it was strong and tasty, like Mr. Darcy himself!)

Theroux's instruction on becoming a modern day Regency gentleman is a tribute to Bath and those who keep Austen history alive for us to experience. I'm ready to go back anytime - but when I do, I'll pay more attention to how the gents are pointing their feet.

When one visits Bath, one must come back with Pump Room tea 

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