Sunday, January 6, 2013

CountDown-ton Abbey: Season 3 Premieres Tonight

The World of Downton Abbey, a lovely companion book 
 Downton Abbey, Season 3, premiers tonight on PBS and I am counting the hours until air time! I have my companion book and tea cup ready, next to my comfy chair, to assist in my trip back in time and across the pond, to join the Dowager Countess, Lord and Lady Grantham and their downstairs servants for an evening of glamour, intrigue, and clever conversation.

I shall ring for Carson to bring my tea, and as noted in The Detroit Tea Examiner's latest article, How will you have your tea when Downton Abbey returns?, he will serve it with milk in last. MIF's and MIL's are as divided and distinct as the one percent and the staff who wait on them.

Edwardian tea dress joins wish list
 I didn't receive the Carson T-shirt from my 2012 wishlist, but I do have the series companion book, "The World of Downton Abbey" written by Jessica Fellowes, neice of Jullian Fellowes, creator of this century's, "Upstairs/Downstairs".  My brother gave me this back in April of last year for my birthday, and along with beautiful pictures, the book offers interesting tidbits on politics and society of the Edwardian era as well as some fun behind-the-scenes shots of cast and crew.

A new item for my updated wish-list is this beautiful Edwardian tea dress from Victorian Trading Company. Although, it's a long time to wait until next Christmas, as noted above, April is not far off.  : )

Until I make that purchase, however, I will spend my Sunday evenings in something a little less formal;  still hat and pearls, but maybe lounge pants and slippers, too. Appropriate dress is required, however, despite Dowager Countess' unfamiliarity with the concept, keep in mind, it still is the week-end!
Ready for DA, Season 3

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parTea lady said...

It is a wonderful series and I've also been enjoying the new season episodes. That Edwardian tea dress is lovely and would suite you.

The Downton Abbey companion book was on my Christmas wish list, but sadly did not materialize. Maybe I'll gift myself. :-)