Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Tablescapes, past, present and future: Part II

Halfway through the month and yet a few more tablescapes ahead!

The DIA weekend (Faberge exhibit, Dining with the Tsars, dismal Russian Tea Reception) was followed by the annual Christmas party of our friends, Rik and Carol. A catered affair, the food and drink is as delicious as it is plentiful. Glowing candles on the table and blazing fireplaces reflect the warmth and spirit of our generous hosts. And, the ride home through downtown Rochester -  a town that can give Paris some competition in December as the true City of Lights - was amazing.

Candlelit tables reflect the warmth of our hosts

Driving home through downtown Rochester

Before we return to 2012 for the rest of the month, we take one last trip to the past with a visit to Greenfield Village. My cousins and I attended Holiday Nights at the historic site. We dined at the Eagle Tavern without any electricity - strictly candlelight - and the meal was served family style. After we fortified ourselves with chicken, prime rib and gingerbread cake, we walked the village and visited the homes decorated in the period of the time they were built.
Reading the menu by candlelight at the Eagle Tavern Inn
Period homes in Greenfield Village decorated for the holidays
Back to the present and the month ends with a family reunion, Christmas Eve tree tour and Christmas Day.

Getting the buffet table ready for our family reunion

Last weekend, we participated in our family reunion gathering in Rochester (another chance to take in the downtown light show on the way home). A great pot-luck and well-attended event. A wonderful time to see those we don't get to see on a regular basis - including the big guy in the red suit.

Christmas Eve table to be reset next day
Part of the tour group at first stop

Christmas Eve we continued with our annual Christmas Tree Tour where we pay a visit to homes of aunts and  uncles to nibble on cookies and fudge while viewing their festive evergreens. Final stop is our house for dinner and treasure bath and - new this year - karaoke. Nothing says Christmas like my older brother singing, "Don't Rain on My Parade"! But, no surprises, it was mostly carols of the season that got sung.

Then, we were back at it again on Christmas Day for a smaller family gathering, but with a tablescape complete with a new Lenox tablecloth and my prized, "gift-to-me-from-Ireland", Waterford crystal bowl that is made exclusively in Waterford, Ireland.

A wonderful month filled with family, friends and, of course, tablescapes with ties to the past and present. And, soon, table settings of 2012 will be replaced with displays for the new year. An early toast to all to the new year and stay tuned for BTS' annual, "What's In/What's Out" list to start 2013 off right!

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