Sunday, October 11, 2020

Afternoon Tea with TeaTime Magazine's Lorna Reeves and treats from The Secret Garden

Barb's Tea Service (Barb & Rachel) ready to enjoy afternoon tea with TeaTime & The Secret Garden

Last month, my daughter, Rachel, and I joined Lorna Reeves, along with several other guests from around the country, for an absolutely delicious and entertaining afternoon tea, all within the comfort our outside patio.

Held two weeks ago today, on September 27th, the affair was a collaboration of TeaTime Magazine, The Secret Garden and the Coffee and Tea Newsletter. A virtual event, which sold out fast,  included a 90-minute presentation and question-and-answer "chat" with TeaTime editor, Lorna Reeves along with a package full of scrumptious tea time goodies from The Secret Garden, a tea room in Port Jefferson, New York.

Lorna Reeves, editor of TeaTime Magazine, begins the Afternoon Tea time event

The package of edible tea treats, which was arrived via FedEx a few days before the event,  included scones, almond madeleines and petit lemon cakes accompanied by a jar of berry jam and a jar of imported clotted cream. Fleur de Lis loose tea was also part of the collection from The Secret Garden.  It's the tea room's own blend of black and oolong teas with bergamot and notes of caramel and vanilla (I like to just open the tea pack and take in a deep sniff - it's fragrance is amazing!).

Not only was everything from The Secret Garden tasty, but also the presentation was equally impressive. All the goodies above, in addition to an exquisitely decorated tea infuser, came packaged neatly in a gold box, wrapped in gold ribbon with silk-like autumn leaves on top. I almost (almost, but not quite!) didn't want to untie the box it was so pretty.

Shortly before the event began, we warmed the scones in the oven, brewed a full pot of tea and assembled our three-tier plate stand on the patio table, making just  enough room for our laptop. Once seated, we were ready  to link into Lorna's presentation.

The Afternoon Tea talk was wonderful as Lorna Reeves. pouring out tea for herself and her assistant, shared tea time etiquette tips, serving suggestions and some favorite tea time venues. Her presentation style is informative, relaxed and inviting and made afternoon tea novices as well as long-time enthusiasts feel comfortable to ask a range of questions. 

Scones, sweets, jam, clotted cream, loose tea and tea infuser all from The Secret Garden Tea Room

It was really as though Lorna Reeves was joining us on the patio, along with several other engaging guests. We could ask questions and communicate with fellow attendees. I even got a compliment on my fascinator in the chat!

This virtual tea party was an afternoon of interesting tea topics and flavorsome tea fare. 

We'd be delighted to see more of these in the very near future!

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