Friday, July 6, 2018

Vera Grace & Etta Mae's: A gift shop that's everyone's cup of tea!

Vera Grace & Etta Mae's, new gift shop in Marine City has something for everyone!

Marine City has a new gift shop, Vera Grace & Etta Mae's,  that's filled with unique home furnishings, jewelry, candles, apparel and, yes, lots of tea accessories. But, it's not just the merchandise that's appealing - the displays set about the vintage house/gift shop are inspiring as well. On our latest visit, there were two bistro sets decked out with tea accessories:  one with a blue and white teapot accompanied by cobalt blue hurricane lamps and matching seat cushions, the other with stoneware tea cups on top of a beige and sage green table, also with matching seat covers. These tablescapes were so inviting, I wanted to sit right down and have a cup of tea with a plate of scones.

Vicky Smithberger paints some of the vintage furniture.  She and Donna Tebeau own and manage Vera Grace & Etta Mae's

If you do take a seat, however, it won't be for long. There's just too much to see in this beautiful store and you'll want to check out every nook and cranny.

Inviting displays throughout the store charm and inspire visitors

Co-owner, Donna Tebeau,  is not new to the retail business. We've been to her  former store, Vera Grace, in downtown Marine City. However, due  to a few unforeseen circumstances,  Donna started fresh and joined forces with Vicky Smithberger, to create a new enterprise on Water Street. Set in a vintage home that overlooks the river, there are stunning views both inside and out. 

A cup of tea for thee, Vera Grace & Etta Mae's is my cup of tea!

Last week, I visited the new shop with my  cousins, Dianne and Kathy (aka, "The Sistahs"), both skilled shoppers with a keen eye for home interior design, and we "oooh'd"  and "ahh'd" our way throughout the store.  We left  with several treasures in our shopping bag.

Tablescape of white and cobalt blue with matching seat cushions, makes one want to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea

Among the antiques and repurposed furniture, there's also a lot of brand new items on sale including Magnolia merchandise (Vera Grace & Etta Mae's are the exclusive retailer of Magnolia Home scents in Marine City). We all had to purchase the Magnolia candle with the "Dwell" aroma. Sweet, refreshing and adorably packaged, the candles are like the gift shop that houses them.

Cousins, discriminating shoppers and 2/3 of the Sistahs found much to take home at Vera Grace & Etta Mae's

Vicky paints much of the antique furniture displayed throughout the store and she said these items, like most of the store's inventory, moves quickly. That means two things:  one, if you see something you like, go for it now and  two, the vignettes and displays change up often. You will rarely walk into the same setting twice.

Across the street from the river, Vera Grace & Etta Mae's has spectacular views inside and out.

Vera Grace & Etta Mae's is filled with charm and an eclectic variety of antiques and gift items. It certainly is Barb's Tea Services' cup of tea.  (I'm already planning my next visit!)

One of BTS's favorite stores. Already planning our next visit!

Vera Grace & Etta Mae's is located at 256 S. Water Street, Marine City. Check out their Vera Grace & Etta Mae's page on Facebook for more information.

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