Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year: Fresh reboots on resolutions

The new year brings in a reason to start anew

As much as I love the holidays, I look forward to January with almost as much zeal. The new year brings a break in the indulgences (delicious as they are!) of the festive season and gives us a reason to start anew.  For me, that usually means a reboot of my standard resolutions: eating healthier, exercising more, and getting organized. Combine these goals with tea, and yes, you have my attention!

Of the three reboots, decluttering and organizing have always been the most challenging for me. But the older I get, and the more boxes I go through from our move last Spring, the less I'm enamored with keeping stuff and the more alluring creative organizing becomes. If I can keep some of what I love and use it more efficiently, so much the better.

Repurpose tea cups to hold jewelry

On the Today Show this weekend, Dayna Isom Johnson, etsy trend expert, shared some repurposing ideas for organizing and storage. She suggested lining tea cups in a dresser drawer to house jewelry, especially earrings, which can easily be un-paired in a catch-all jewelry box or vanity tray.

Because my collection of tea cups numbers in the vicinity of "a lot", I took some "strays" and tucked them into one of my top dresser drawers. (An added benefit of doing this is clearing out a dresser drawer. I found three items to discard and one lost sweater.)

Another goal this year is more exercise. I received a new dress for Christmas, in the size I was two years ago, and I plan to wear it this Spring (and without the aid of "shapewear").

So, today, I joined a gym! Inspired not only by my new dress, but by my husband and daughter, who have been members of the same gym for quite some time.

After the treadmill, I'll enjoy a cup of tea at my gym

I clocked in some time on the treadmill and even less on the elliptical, but it's a start. And, to sweeten the deal (figuratively speaking, of course), this place has a little cafe, complete with coffee and tea!

Other goals for the new year on my list: more blogging (watch for the return of "Tuesday Tea and Tomes"!), publishing my next book and, perhaps most importantly lighting more candles and cursing the darkness less.

So, on to fresh starts: to becoming more active, more organized. more disciplined and lighting a few more candles, all  accompanied by lots and lots of tea.

Happy New Year to all our tea friends from BTS!

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