Sunday, November 5, 2017

Westbury Hotel: Looking back at a most charming afternoon tea in Dublin

Afternoon tea at Dublin's Wesbury Hotel back in 2012.

In the "Entertainment and Travel" section of today's Detroit Free Press, "Dublin: Classic Cool" features our favorite tea room, The Westbury Hotel,  in our favorite city in Ireland.

The Wesbury Hotel, busting crowds outside but elegant and relaxing inside 

Reading about the unique artist markets, upscale stores and gourmet shops of Dublin today, it brought me back to our trek down Grafton street in 2012, when we made our way through the bustling crowds of the busy city to The Westbury Hotel for afternoon tea.

Chris and I enjoying the ambiance and comfy accommodations

Our trip to Ireland was memorable for so many reasons: visits to wonderful sites and the amazing personal connections, some of which I wrote about in our blog back in October of 2012 ("Travels in Ireland: tea, gold, and, yes, a bit of blarney").  It was a delightful family vacation with my husband, Chris, second eldest son, Matt, and daughter, Rachel.

Rachel and Matt relaxing in the luxurious environs

Although we visited Cork, Monaghan, Waterford, and Cobv, our "home" was Dublin and we walked from our hotel, just off O'Connell street, to many places in the city including Temple Bar, Kilmainham Gaol and Trinity College.

Excellent service at The Westbury Hotel

But, amid trains, planes and automobiles, we treated ourselves to an elegant and relaxing respite from the crowds in the form of  afternoon tea at The Westbury, a five star hotel in the heart of Dublin.

Enjoying a royal tea (adding champagne) by the marble fireplace

It's luxurious, but comfortable. The dining room is beautiful, with sumptuous couches, marble fireplaces and crystal chandeliers. The quiet and reserved environs are a startling contrast from the street scenes below, which can be viewed from the large windows that line one wall of the dining room.

Westbury's dining room, beautiful ambience

The service was excellent and our waiter served us champagne along with an artistic presentation of afternoon tea fare, including scones, sandwiches and scrumptious pastries.

Of course, we had tea as well - and it was absolutely delicious.

The Westbury provided us with a much needed break of quiet refinement. As noted in today's Free Press article, ". . . if you are looking for a good hotel base for some creative retail therapy and dining, you can do no better that the Westbury".

We wholeheartedly agree - and that's no blarney!

Matt and Rachel back at it on Grafton Street after tea
Repping the"D" at Westbury

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