Saturday, October 28, 2017

Celebrating National Chocolate Day in northern Michigan

Doing our part for National Chocolate Day at Alpine Chocolat Haus in Gaylord

According to National Day Calendar, October 28th is National Chocolate Day. Here at BTS, we welcome any day that celebrates our favorite confectionery treat no matter where we are. This weekend, we're in northern Michigan and fortunate to find a lot of great palaces to honor this special day,

Alpine Chocolat Haus in downton Gaylord is filled with tasty treats: ice cream, hot cocoa and, as the name suggests,  lots and lots of chocolate treats.  They offer  what you are sure to expect, truffles and caramels, along with the not-so-standard fare, including chocolate covered potato chips and apples. The latter are decorated for the season (this weekend we found some black cats and Spartan apples).

Chocolate covered apples, including black cats and Spartan "S"

A short drive from Alpine Chocolat Haus, there's double-the-fun at The Old Spud Warehouse and The Bearded Dogg Lounge, a gift shop and gourmet restaurant, respectively, all under the same roof.  We found some wonderful treasures inside both to honor National Chocolate Day. 

Tea towels at The Old Spud Warehouse

The Old Spud Warehouse is always filled with great finds, no matter what time of year. But this weekend, we keyed in on a new selection of tea towels embellished with wise and witty prose.

The towel versed with a rationale for chocolate as salad inspired us a little bit later as we dined at the adjoining Bearded Dogg.

If chocolate is a salad, could carrot cake be considered a serving of veggies?

Here we indulged in the Bearded Dogg's dessert menu and chose carrot cake served with a chocolate garnish.  We had to eat our vegetables before getting to the chocolate!

After vegetables (carrot cake?), you get chocolate!

If you want to enjoy the taste of chocolate, but skip the candy and the calories, we recommend Light of Day's (northern Michigan Tea Room and Farm in Traverse City) Cacao Mint.  A black tea blend with peppermint and chocolate, it serves up a satisfying dessert in a tea cup.

Save on calories with a cup of Cacao Mint from Light of Day

May we add, this may be enjoyed in the northern woods, next to a cozy fire served in a vintage tea cup from Lewiston's own Antique Depot.

Chocolate tea tastes even better in a tea cup from Antique Depot

However- or wherever, - you celebrate National Chocolate Day, it's sure to be delightful.  Here at BTS, we don't necessarily need a reason to partake in chocolate, but we'll never turn down a day to honor this decadent treat!

Truffles from the Alpine Chocolat Haus

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