Monday, July 31, 2017

BTS' Monthly Divine Tea Finds!

We hope you are having a brew-tea-ful day! 

At BTS, we are introducing a new monthly feature: Divine Tea Finds.  Along with our "BTS Featured Artist" and "Tuesday Tea and Tomes", we are adding a new spotlight on tea finds we uncover every month. July was a particularly spectacular month for amazing tea products. We have four that we'd like to share!


So many treasures are uncovered serendipitously. On a recent trip to our local Pier 1 to purchase patio chair cushions, I took a quick turn about the tableware displays and found this delightful tea canister. It's cheery greeting, with it's play on words and glass knob top, had me at "it's a brew-tea . . ."  It's cute, practical and will be a classy addition to any kitchen countertop. 

We purchased it for $24.95. See Pier 1, Coffee or Tea Holder.

This month, we not only spruced up our patio seating, but took a few road trips to distant lands: Petoskey, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky and both locales had some divine tea finds!

Last week, we did a quick tour of the southern upper peninsula and the northern lower peninsula, ending up in Petoskey, where we visited Grandpa Shorter's gift store. It is here that we found not one, but two awesome tea finds.

 My sister-in-law gets credit for uncovering Tea forte Single Steeps at the Petoskey gift store. I was an immediate fan and couldn't wait to uncover all the teas in this treasure chest. Five teas are packaged in a tantalizing hinged box, and each tea has three single-serving packages ready to go. Easy to brew up with the aid of your favorite steeper, these single steeps provide the luxury of loose tea in convenient packaging and little waste.

You just brew and go right to the patio.

If you can't make it up to Grandpa Shorter's, the single steeps are available for $16.00 at the Republic of Tea's website, single steeps.


Another fabulous find at Grandpa Shorter's was Booklover's Cup of Tea, complete with a tiny tome steeper and accompanying tea book guide. The steeper cover title is, "A Tale of Two Ci-Teas". But, wait, there's more!


The informative companion book comes with instructions on brewing the "perfect cup",  hosting a tea party, and, lastly,  suggestions for novel tea pairing. The latter offers up tasty tea fare, complete with recipes, and tea pairings with three classics novels. How about, "The Picture of Dorian Earl Grey"?  Brilliant! Of course, our favorite is "Sencha Sensibility" for those of us who are Jane Austen enthusiasts.

Running Press has their Book Lover's Cup of Tea available on their website for $9.95.

And, speaking of Jane Austen, earlier this month we were in Louisville for the Jane Austen Festival at Locust Grove. We met up with Julia Matson of Bingley's Teas.  A wonderful new product from this amazing tea company are tasty syrups made from their extraordinary tea. They can be added to a variety of drinks from lemonade to prosecco, equally at home on the bar or tea tray. I have to admit, the packaging is so beautiful, I have yet to disrupt the wax top. I will report back once we have uncorked the laveder syrup, but for now, it's on display in my new kitchen.

Four divine tea finds for July.

We hope you will partake in these fun and pretty tea products and have a brew-ti-ful August where more tea treasures await!

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parTea lady said...

Love your "tea finds", especially the canister. Your new kitchen looks lovely too.