Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dinner and a movie? How about lunch and shopping at The Show, Leon and Lulu's newest store and cafe

Cara and Rachel outside The Show, complete with updated marquee

Leon and Lulu, the incredible retail store in downtown Clawson, is filled to its high ceilings with upscale home furnishings, fashionable women's clothing and unique and quirky gift items. In its former life, it was the Ambassador Roller Rink. Knowing that, it's not a stretch to imagine how the owners of Leon and Lulu turned the neighboring building, once the Clawson Theater, into a fun shop featuring Michigan-made items, specialty greeting cards and a delightful cafe. 

We visited Three Cats Cafe, the bistro within The Show last month and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Lunch is served daily from 11:00 to 3:00 and there's a long list of specialty drinks to accompany one of the cafe's soups, salads or sandwiches. There's also a nice variety of cookies and other sweets.

Dining on chowder and chicken salad i

The tea is all from Tea Forte, the company that specializes in the pyramid-shaped tea bags.

We ordered chicken salad and chowder (and tea) and everything was tasty and nicely presented.

The cafe has bistro tables set at the front of The Show, so you can soak in all the fun merchandise, artistically displayed throughout, while you dine and drink.

No Ragrets soap, this weekend's theme and gift soap!

We visited The Show while my sister-in-law, Cara,  was in town for my daughter, Rachel's, graduation from MSU (for her Masters in Market Research). We were treating ourselves to a girl's "no regrets" weekend.  This store is SO unique, they even sell a hilarious line of soaps with various goofy slogans, and I found one for my sister-in-law to take back home, "No Ragrets". 

Teaspoon and teacup chandelier at Leon and Lulu's

Once you've supped and shopped at The Show, it's just a short trip next door to continue the fun retail experience at Leon and Lulu's. We were especially fond of their teaspoon/teacup chandelier.

When you return to The Show, you will be greeted by a permanent ticket taker. Admission is free and you won't be disappointed in what's playing. It's all good, all the time. 

Surely, "No Ragrets" to seeing this show! 

Leon and Lulu and The Show are opened seven days a week. For more information, visit their website:

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