Sunday, April 2, 2017

Etiquette Program "Eating Various Foods" at the Townsend: Take our Quiz - Fingers or Forks?

Eating Various Foods: Dare to take on more!

Coming soon to The Townsend Hotel, the third in its Dining Etiquette Series, featuring Barb's Tea Service.  We will cover "Eating Various Foods". You don't always have to play it safe with grilled chicken breasts and cooked vegetables.

If you've ever been stumped by which foods are eaten using fingers or forks, we've got the answer. Take our quick quiz below to assess your skill! (answers below).

                                               Fingers or Forks?

                                               a)  Asparagus                    
                                               b)  Bacon                        
                                               c)  Olives                          
                                               d)  Corn on the Cob          
                                               e)  French fries                   

Etiquette presentation is part of Afternoon Tea at the Townsend's tea lobby

We'll cover the art of mastering a variety of challenging foods as well add in a few tea etiquette tips - all in the most beautiful setting,  Townsend Hotel's afternoon tea lobby.

We hope you will join us for a delightful afternoon tea featuring the Townsend's delicious savories, scrumptious scones and tasty desserts, all served up with bottomless pots of expertly brewed tea!

Join Barb's Tea Service for Dining Tutorial at the Townsend

Answers:  a) fork unless you are in Europe, b) fork, unless extra crispy, c) fingers, d) fingers and e) fork and knife, unless served with hamburgers or hot dogs.
Five correct: Master Diner, Four correct: Honorable Mention Diner, Three correct:  Pretty good Diner, Two Correct:  Almost Pretty Good Diner, One Correct: Almost Pretty Good Diner in Training, Zero Correct: Diner

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