Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dining Dos and Don'ts: Etiquette Series with Afternoon Tea begins this month at The Townsend Hotel

Rachel &  Barb Gulley of Barb's Tea Service will present dining etiquette at The Townsend

  • What do you do when the person on your left appropriates your bread plate?
  • If  both the salad fork and the knife are placed next to the plate, what does that mean?
  • Where do you place your cell phone? 

Have you ever wondered if there were answers to the dining perplexities cited above? Barb's Tea Service and The Townsend Hotel are here to assist. Starting this month, a delightful and delicious combination of instruction and afternoon tea will be served up at Birmingham's luxury hotel with presenters, Barb and Rachel Gulley.

The first in a series of monthly etiquette programs starts the last weekend in January at The Townsend Hotel. Barb's Tea Service  will instruct guests on proper dining protocol. The course will teach table manners to young people as well as serve as a refresher for veteran social diners.

Afternoon tea at The Townsend:  beautiful and scrumptious

In truly the most elegant and beautiful "classroom", guests will enjoy the scrumptious sweets and savories from the Townsend. The first program will cover dining do's and don'ts. Future topics will include table talk, finessing the business meal and forms of service.  We'll also slip in a few tea etiquette tips at each event.

Tea etiquette tips will also be shared. How DO you eat a scone?

Bring your friends and family to afternoon tea at The Townsend Hotel. BTS will present the mini-etiquette programs starting January 29th at noon.

And, yes, there are answers to the questions above. Join us and we'll unlock the mysteries!

For more information, see The Townsend Hotel Afternoon Schedule or The Townsend Hotel website.

Barb Gulley, author of this blog, is certified by the Protocol School of Washington in etiquette instruction.

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