Saturday, September 10, 2016

Afternoon tea in northern Michigan is an elegant affair!

Afternoon tea at Pemberly Pines, an elegant affair in  northern Michigan woods

Afternoon tea is always an elegant affair. Whether it's at the London Ritz or the middle of the woods in northern Michigan, there  are certain elements which must be included: beautiful environs, fancy teapots, delicious scones and excellent tea. It goes without saying, fantastic company just comes with the package.

Last month, we held a few afternoon tea outings at our northern retreat, Pemberly Pines. Our first tea took place the first weekend in August during our family reunion. This is where we literally house a dozen and a half relatives under one cabin roof. We're fortunate in that this gathering is not just one side of the family, but both my husband's clan as well as mine.

Biannual reunion with both sides of the family, aka Paintball &Afternoon tea

This gathering is a biannual event that includes, paintball, boating, campfires, barbecues, sightseeing (this year, Coopers Ville)  and, of course, the grand finale - afternoon tea.

Paintball, the "Opera Games" occurs before afternoon tea

It's a last day event and those remaining ladies of the group take a moment for a relaxing - and, yes, elegant - afternoon tea.

A side trip to Coopers Ville, a western town in Lewiston. Serving tea anywhere!

While the London Ritz has sparkling chandeliers and a four string quartet playing in the background, at Pemberly Pines, majestic evergreens  serve as a backdrop with chirping (okay, maybe a little "squawking") birds serving as our piped-in music.

Cara serves up some scones and her own version of nanaimo bars. Dee-lish!
This year, we had the usual suspects (Rachel, my sister-in-law Cara, and me), along with my mother-in-law, the other Barb Gulley.

Serving some Earl Grey to my mother-in-law, Barb Gulley

Of course, we used a silver tea set along with china cups and plates and served up gourmet scones and bars. Even though we're miles away from bright lights/big cities, there's no need to scrimp on luxury.

It was a wonderful way to end a delightful family reunion.

The Durling's photography skills gave us some fabulous photos of the tea garden

Our second tea in the tea garden was at the end of August with our bff's, (aka "the gang"). We enjoyed a long weekend with our friends at Pemberly Pines where we hiked, dined and played cards. To be sure, no visit is complete without a stop at the tea garden. Rik and Carol took some beautiful pictures before we set up tea time.

Carol, Pam and Barb in the tea garden before tea time

Afternoon tea time can take place anywhere - London, New York or an address in northern Michigan that doesn't even show up on  GPS.

We're thinking we need to update our "Gulley Cabin Rules" to include, "take in afternoon tea under the pines". Perhaps we'll also add, "don't forget the essentials: silver tea set, china tea cups, scones and linen napkins".  Fantastic company is always a given.

Cabin rules need to add tea time!

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