Saturday, August 13, 2016

Afternoon tea at Heavenly Scent

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton offers afternoon teas in the garden

Delicious scones, tasty tea and sweet desserts served on pretty, vintage china in a colorful garden with a nearby waterfall and faeries all around.

If that sound like paradise, it is - more specifically, afternoon tea at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton.

This month, my cousins, Dianne B. and Kathy F., and I had the pleasure of taking part in an outdoor tea event at Heavenly Scent. Our hostess was Kathy Matthews, who, along with husband, Steve, own and run the working farm.

Sipping our refreshing iced tea in the cool shade of the outdoor pavilion

We were served a full afternoon tea, by Kathy, and her top-notch assistants, in an outdoor pavilion that provided shade and comfort on hot August day.

Dianne enjoying her tea next to the waterfall

Because of the heat, iced tea was served which was delicious and refreshing. Tea fare included two types of scones, a mint fruit salad, a chicken salad croissant and a divine parfait dessert that had my name on it!

Delicious mint fruit salad and chicken salad croissant.

Cream and curd for scones - all divine!

Two different types of bumptious scones were served

Dessert - so good, I put my name card on it!!

The outdoor repast concluded with a fun craft activity. We were all given ribbons and beads to make a friendship bracelet.  Kathy demonstrated the "magic" that makes the ribbons lock together. It requires two people to twist the strands, hence the name of this special bracelet.

Kathy demonstrates how to make a friendship bracelet

My cousins Kathy & Dianne, sisters as well as friends,  team up to make a bracelet

After our afternoon tea, we strolled the grounds which includes a faerie garden and an outdoor reception area perfect for weddings (which they do host here!).

Sign as you enter the faerie garden

Faeries and their tiny accommodations are hidden all over

Lovely grounds filled with blooming flowers

Great site for a special event, even weddings!

There's a wonderful gift shop inside that is stocked with a full-range of miniature accessories to outfit your own faerie garden. There's also a lot of fun tea products and unique home decor items.

Do your faeries need a Ferris wheel? Heavenly Scent has you covered.

The gift shop sells a variety of items, including tea

 My cousin, Dianne, had suggested our visit this month after she had been to their holiday tea last winter.  It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon in paradise. Gardens of flowers and herbs, scrumptious food and tea, and excellent service - Heavenly Scent has it all!

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parTea lady said...

What a wonderful place for afternoon tea. The food looks delicious and the grounds are lovely. The ribbon bracelet craft was a lovely way to end the day.