Saturday, July 9, 2016

Oh Canada Maple from Tealish: 'True North Tea'

Northern living and tea time are perfectly paired for relaxing and de-stressing, but what if you could experience that feeling whether your stuck in a big city traffic jam or victim of a scorching heat wave way south of the border?  It's now possible with Tealish's 'Oh Canada Maple', a tea blend that evokes the northern Canadian feeling by capturing the region's unique tastes and aromas.

I purchased Oh Canada Maple last month when visiting Toronto, the home of Tealish. Who better to hone the North American country's "Canadian Collection", then a Toronto-based tea company?

The hearty black tea blend of  Oh Canada Maple includes safflowers, special flavoring and maple bits. Open the tin and take in an intoxicating whiff of maple syrup and the great outdoors.

We brewed our tea for three minutes and watched the generous pieces of maple bits and safflowers swirl around the cup while it steeped.

The taste is hearty and very sweet: a blend of maple syrup and caramel flavors tempered by a hint of floral notes.

For this tea, our suggested food pairings are a light shortbread cookie or traditional scone . (I would pass serving this tea with syrup-topped pancakes or, my favorite Canadian delicacy, maple leaf cookies).

Oh Canada Maple's label proclaims that the tea is "an ode to the true north, strong and free!".

Drinking this tea, pond side, at our northern Michigan cabin, we can't dispute the claim. However, we're also glad to know, we can enjoy this tea back home and still taste a little of the great white north while we're stuck in big city traffic.

Tealish tea isn't limited to the Canadian Collection. They offer a wide variety of blends. For more information, visit their website at

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