Sunday, March 6, 2016

Count down to Downton Abbey Series Finale: End of an Era, but still more to celebrate with Barb's Tea Service

The doors to Downton Abbey will close tonight, but we'll leave the light on for you.

The grand doors of Downton Abbey will close for the last time tonight when the series finale of the Masterpiece period drama airs tonight. Downton Abbey enthusiasts -  ourselves included -  have anticipated this with mixed feelings. Anxious and hopeful for some happy endings, it nonetheless will be sad to see the Crawleys and their downstairs staff leave our Sunday evenings forever.

But, maybe not!

Tonight may bring some closure to some of the characters' lives (oh my gosh, will Edith ever find lasting happiness??), but aside from that, true Downton Abbey fans will keep the story going in their hearts, their travels, and their desire to celebrate this tour de force with other DA devotees.

Rachel is ready to snap wedding photos at St. Mary's/St. Michael's

For your season finale tea party, The Detroit Free Press' (March 5)  article 'Say Good-bye to Downton Abbey with a proper afternoon tea', includes tips and a few quotes from Barb's Tea Service.

Aside from tonight, there's still more in the way of celebrating Downton Abbey. Barb's Tea Service has a record fifteen events on the books from January to May, and ten of those are Downton Abbey-inspired.

We kicked the year off at the Southfield Library with our Downton Abbey afternoon tea in January. This was followed by three events at Meadow Brook Hall  and one at the Addison Library (see last blog story) in February.

Rachel holding a picture of our visit to the real DA at MBH

The teas at Meadow Brook Hall were especially fun as Rachel-Rose was able to participate in one and family and friends came out to join us, including my cousins, Dianne, Kathy and Karri and tea friends Phyllis Barkey and Lori.

But wait, there's more!

In March, we'll be in Gaylord at the Otsego County Library with our Downton Abbey-inspired presentation. In April, we're back at the Townsend Hotel and two days later,  Walled Lake Public Library.

Back at the Townsend in April!

Then, we pack up our suitcases in May and we'll be at the Schoolcraft Library on the west side of Michigan, followed by fun afternoon at Sweet D's Tea Room in Linden. (Check out for all updates!)

Having tea at Highclere with our Highclere tea mugs, of course!

In the meantime, sit back, get the tea kettle on, reserve a box of tissue, and spend a fun-filled two hours this evening saying a fond farewell to our favorite aristocrats and their charming staff.

Cheers to all our fellow Downton Abbey devotees!

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