Saturday, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday spent at Antique Depot: My favorite shopping day of the season!

Rachel outside the Antique Depot in Lewiston
In between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there's Small Business Saturday -  my favorite shopping day of the season. It serves as a great reminder to patronize the independent retailers in your town and the reward is the unexpected treasures you'll come across. Unlike the "doorbuster' merchandise that the Big Box stores advertise ahead of time, you won't always know what you'll see at the small, local shops - and that's half the fun. In honor of this designated shopping day, our afternoon was spent at the  Antique Depot,  our choice retailer in northern Michigan.

New Paragon tea cup among my treasures for the day
As we've noted in several of our blogs over the years, starting in 2010 (A short scenic trip. . . to the Antique Depot), we love coming to Lewiston, in northern Michigan,  to meet up with Deborah K, owner of the Antique Depot and view not only her latest merchandise, but her most current displays. Almost every visit is a new experience due to Deborah's keen eye for design. Tea cups, depression glass and crystal are artfully displayed among the antique furniture that anchors each room throughout the store. Other merchandise featured at the Antique Depot include vintage clothing, rustic knickknacks, and estate jewelry. There's a full inventory, but it's incredibly organized and sparkling clean.

Our treasure today was a beautiful pink rose Paragon tea cup that adds to my collection of that lovely English bone china. I also secured another gem, but that one I'll keep secret until after December 25th.

Hot cuppa in my "new" tea cup - a great way to unwind!
In the meantime, I'm keeping in the less hurried, more relaxing spirit of Small Business Saturday with a hot cup of tea in my new china cup. Small wonder why  SBS is my most favorite shopping day of the season!


Jessie Parker said...

I had a good read! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I love the photos!

Amber Prince said...

I'm enjoying this. I love the photos!

parTea lady said...

Sounds like a wonderful shopping experience. Your new Paragon pink teacup is gorgeous.

Kyla Summers said...

I love the Paragon pink teacup !

Benjie Evans said...

Looking forward to your next post!

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