Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Austen-tacious tea at Troy Public Library: Chilly temperatures not so important

Beautiful poster of the event from Troy Library

 In John Mullen's book, "What Matters in Jane Austen?:  Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved", Chapter 7 asks the question, "Why is weather important?" Although Mullan is directing this inquiry to the plot lines of Austen's novels, we saw applicability to the weather's importance with regards to a  Jane Austen tea talk - specifically this past Sunday as Barb's TEA Shop presented "An Austen-tacious Tea" at the Troy Public Library. With single digit temperatures and a threat of another snowfall this weekend, we wondered how many would venture out for tea and Austen. I'm happy to report, the library room was full and, at the end of the presentation, our teapots were depleted!

Almost ready to start as guests finish up in the tea line
We were thrilled to see such a great turnout on a chilly afternoon. Upon arrival, guests hung their coats on the back of their chairs and lined up for some hot and inviting Twinings tea (Jane's favorite!). Rachel (my daughter and business partner) served up the tea and after checking out the variety of tea cups attendees brought, I began the presentation.

Rachel serves guest Twining tea, Jane's favorite!
We touched upon Regency period influences, Austen residences, characters in her novels and even some Downton Abbey tie-ins. We covered a couple centuries in sixty minutes and, as always, the time travel goes by in warp speed. A great time with a delightful group of folks.

Our thanks to all who attended as well as Cassandra S., Librarian at TPL, who invited us to present this fun event.

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parTea lady said...

That looks like a lovely event.

We are certainly having weather issues here in Atlanta right now. Schools and businesses were closed today due to snow & ice (state of emergency)- very unusual for Georgia.