Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy National Chocolate Day! Celebrate with Chocolate and Tea pairings from Barb's TEA Shop

Chocolate and tea:  great tastes combine for delicious pairings
It's National Chocolate Day! Although, perhaps not as well known as some of the other holidays, it certainly has a following and you can count Barb's TEA Shop in that fan-base. Long devotees of that luxurious dark confection, we have become more learned in the topic through seminars, lots of research, and best of all, in-home study. We've packaged it all up in a tea and chocolate pairing class we'd love to share with you!

In addition to classes and research, in-home study proved tasty

 At Barb's TEA Shop, we will supply the chocolate, the tea and our recommendations for the optimal pairings. It's like a wine tasting that brings out the best of both beverage and cuisine, but you won't need a designated driver to indulge!

Jody Dodson discusses the various stages of chocolate
 One of the chocolate seminars we attended this year was given by Grocer's Daughter Chocolate, located in Empire, Michigan. Co-owner Jody Dodson, with the assistance of store founder, Mimi Wheeler, presented "How to Taste Chocolate".  Sampling various stages of chocolate in its journey from bitter nib to decadent truffle was as enjoyable as it was educational. Jody told of first-hand experiences in Ecuador visiting cacao farmers in the Amazon. (They host Chocolate Trips to these regions, next one is April, 2014).

Chocolate tasting, as varied as tea. 

For a  tasty in-home party or scrumptious event at almost any venue, let us treat you and your guests to a wonderful sampling of chocolate, tea and fun! Call, email or message us on Facebook!

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Half drink/half mousse, hot chocolate granache with cream. 
In honor of its special day, however, we're not afraid to take chocolate straight-up. Our ultimate foodie friend, Mr. D., prepared an exquisite version of hot chocolate granache with fresh whipped cream this weekend. Served in vintage English bone china, it was absurdly rich and delicious. Half drink/half mousse, you could sip or spoon or - as many of us did - do both to get every last bit. It's how to celebrate National Chocolate Day. .  . or next Tuesday! Cheers!!

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