Saturday, September 21, 2013

Food pairings at Ferndale's Torino are amazing: The Detroit Free Press agrees!

Visiting Torino in September with our most discerning foodie friends

In June of this year, I posted a blog about one of the Mother's Day gifts I received from my son, Matt - a gift certificate to an exciting, relatively new-on-the-scene restaurant, Torino, in downtown Ferndale (see Mother's Day features favorite teas: Will Father's Day bring T's and Carrots). In that article, I noted the delicious five-course dinner my husband and I had, along with an additional beverage pairing the restaurant offers as an option. The food and drink pairings were amazing and the meal included what my husband referred to as the "best damn carrot" he ever ate.  We are such fans, we brought our most discerning foodie friends back this month for another sampling and it was a collective "thumb's up" all around.

Our 30th wedding anniversary  at Torino in May
"Best damn carrot"

I'm happy to report, and not at all surprised, that we are not alone in our devotion to this gourmet treasure in Oakland County. The Detroit Free Press' Restaurant Crictic, Sylvia Rector, wrote about her recent dining experience in Thursday's edition of the newspaper:

We still get the paper delivered, so when we saw that Torino was featured with a full two-page spread, we were thrilled. But, when you view the on-line article, you get treated to even more pictures, including a group shot of some of the crew at the restaurant, including one of Matt's friends (he has a few that work there, all reflect the entire staff's enthusiasm for their product while providing first-class service).

First course:  peach, wild rice, yogurt paired with a Gewurztraminer

Every meal begins with an "amuse", a small appetizer to start the experience

Desserts are paired with a digestif. Our group ended with coffee and tea.

Torino ambitiously changes their menu weekly, so you will always be greeted with something new. They offer both three-course and five-course menus with optional drink pairings - both alcohol and non-alcohol selections - for an additional price. They also have a good selection of loose teas, which I'll write about in an upcoming blog!

Great service & well-informed staff. Dan M,(and friend of Matt) assists Chris.
We plan to be back very shortly. Our foodie group wants to make this a regular event on our calendar. It really is more than just going out for a bite to eat. When you dine at Torino's you are not only getting great food, but entertainment as well as you learn about the different foods, taste the unique blends and textures and view the artistic presentations of every single course. Some courses may be  served on glossy, asymmetrical china plates, others on striped-wood planks and  every one as delightful to look at as it is delicious to eat. Consider the price of a meal, movie and educational seminar, and you'll know it's a great value.

We heard that Torino was sold out for seatings this weekend, after the article hit the stands. Home of the "best damn carrot" and so much more - we're looking forward to our next visit and maybe we'll see you there, if we can all get in!

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