Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Afternoon tea at Sweet D's: Dee-lightful time in Linden, Michigan

Sweet D's Tea Room is located in historic Linden
Last week, fellow tea enthusiast and blogger, Phyllis Barkey, and I visited Sweet D's Tea Room in historic Linden, Michigan. From south Oakland County, it's about a 50 minute drive in total, up 1-75 to exit 101 and then pretty much a straight shot going west. As we were chatting about tea things en route, I can't recount every turn, but I can vouch that it is an easy drive up.

Phyllis Barkey and Barb Gulley, fellow tea bloggers

Sweet D's is the creation of Dee Birch who not only runs a tea room, but a hair salon, also located in Linden. Birch has a fascinating resume of careers and specialties. As a hair professional, her skill in period fashions led her to Mackinaw Island's "Somewhere in Time Weekend", where she once took part as actress Jane Seymour's personal stylist. She continues to be a guest presenter every September at the Grand Hotel.

Dee Birch, owner of Sweet D's

But, her love of tradition, which she credits to her grandmother, took her many places, including her current tea room, housed in a Victorian home built in 1899. For more about Sweet D's, see The Detroit Tea Examiner's article Afternoon Tea at Sweet D's is sweet indeed.

Endless pots of tea served in white pots 
Sweet D's offers lunch fare as well as two options for afternoon tea, a three-course and a five-course offering. We feted on the five course, and I will tell you, it is worth saving your appetite for! The standard three-course offers tea sandwiches, scones and pastries. With the "super-sized" option, you get your choice of soup or salad AND a dessert.  Of course, both come with your choice of tea, served in white pots and conveniently placed at your table on individual warmers so tea doesn't go cold, no matter how long you stay and chat - and we did both!
Tray filled with pastries

Chunky chowder has a creamy tomato base

The five course meal started with "chunky chowder", followed by a selection of tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and a tray of miniature pastries.

Variety of  tea sandwiches served with min quiches and fresh fruit

Next, we had freshly baked scones served with cream, jam and lemon curd, all contained in tiny crystal glasses with demi-tasse spoons.

Scones served with cream, jam and lemon curd

Dessert came in a trifle filled with pudding, cream and other tasty ingredients. Dee referred to it as a "whim wham", a term used in Victorian times to describe a dessert that was made up of what was on hand and served on a whim.

Afternoon tea ends with a trifle

We had a dee-lightful time over afternoon tea!

Sweet D's can seat up to 25 guests and, in addition to lunch and tea, can also host special events.For more information, visit Sweet D's on facebook.

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