Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Denver Tea Room: Tea and Social Media make great connections

Meeting Margo Seymour, tea room owner
I love social media about as much as I love tea, so when the two come together the results are usually pretty amazing. Such is the case with The Denver Tea Room.
A year ago, I received a few comments on my blog from Margo Seymour, owner of The Denver Tea Room.  She found me through the web and we started following each other’s posts and would frequently applaud a recent event or note a shared experience.  I had been to Denver for the first time a year ago February to visit family and I knew I’d be back, so I let Margo know  I’d stop by her tea room  whenever that opportunity presented itself.

That time finally came the first of April.  Chris (my husband) had a business trip in Boulder, so I tagged along to conduct a business trip of my own – all related to tea, of course.  My first notification was to Margo. I couldn’t wait to actually meet her  - and see her tea room - in person.

My sister-in-law Cara, who lives in Denver, was my tea companion and she navigated the route from my Boulder hotel to the tea room with ease. A few steps up to the tea room and my year-long wait was over. Margo, and her sister, Arlene Guillen, who manages the tea room, were there to greet Cara and me and instantly I felt like I was talking to one of my friends from the old neighborhood.  
Sisters, Arlene and Margo pair up to make a great tea room

And then it was tea time!

Cara and I enjoyed a delicious and beautifully presented afternoon tea. The food is prepared on-site, evidenced by the fresh and flavorful taste of everything we sampled on the tiered-tray. The scones were served with cream and lemon curd, which were scrumptious. There was a great variety of tea sandwiches and the sweets were delightful.
Delicious afternoon tea sweets and savories  
Guests can select their own loose tea from a tray where the individual tea is presented in tins.  You can view and sniff the different choices and then the tea is brewed in individual pots.

Guests can select from a variety of tea presented in tins for inspection
Another great feature of the tea room menu is that it can be prepared for various dietary restrictions with advanced notice. This was a big plus for my sister-in-law and she enjoyed herself so much, at her request, her husband and sons took her back  to The Denver Tea Room on Mother’s Day! There was something for everyone in her family on the menu.

The Denver Tea Room hosts special events throughout the year, too. They have book club meetups, bridal and baby showers, and themed teas, such as (oh, how I wish I could have been there!) their Downton Abbey tea the end of April. 

What a wonderful place for afternoon tea.  I can't wait to go back, even if it may be another twelve months before I can swing another trip to Denver. 

It's no secret tea brings people together, it's part of what makes tea time so popular. Now with on-line connections like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter in the mix, tea friends can be made miles away. In this case, it brought us to the Mile High City and we're so glad it did!

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