Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Austentacious Tea at Brighton Library: A Most Amiable Time

Brighton Public Library for BTS' Jane Austen Tea last week

Last Tuesday, BTS presented an Austentacious Tea at one of the assembly rooms at the Brighton Library to a most amiable and handsome audience.  

Having a presentiment about our equipage, we brought a “Plan B” laptop, as one should always depend upon an alternative should one’s primary resource present issues, which, last week, ours did.  After a cable transfer of small consequence, we moved beyond this trifling matter to the importance of tea - along with other Regency influences - in Jane Austen’s life and novels. 

We discussed where Jane shopped for tea and, perhaps, of greater importance, the sources she certainly would have avoided for fear of poor taste, quality or, far worse, poisoning!   

We also noted – and it is always with affection, and great comfort to me -  that we may all share in tea the way Jane did over 200 years ago by just adhering to two basic components:  Twinings tea in a Wedgwood tea cup.  The Austen’s were loyal to both.

And what about the Versailles connexion?!  C'est vrais, mes amies, there is a link to Jane Austen and Marie Antoinette. Is is not a surprise, than, that a  Limoges tea cup must be part of the story? 
Jane Austen and Marie Antoinette connexion? Mais oui. (Photo of Versailles  when we visited in 2008.)
When our presentation concluded, we recommended to those in attendance to avail themselves to our recent brochures which list all of our current programs, including our most recent addition: “Downton Abbey Tea”. By a most welcome reaction, we do detect that there is a great overlap between Austen and Downton Abbey enthusiasts!

Tonight, Brighton Library continues its celebration of Jane Austen and the 200th anniversary year of Pride and Prejudice with “If You Liked the Movie, You’ll Love the Book”, presented by JASNA Michigan Chapter President, Barbara Adler.  I know all who attend will find this a gratifying experience. I attended the presentation last year and offer my highest commendation!

With much fondness and appreciation, we thank the Brighton Library for its accommodations and delightful patrons. It was truly a wonderful group of ladies who contributed to great evening of Jane Austen and tea!

Now I shall ring for Carson to bring me a cup of Twinings tea in a Wedgwood cup.
At Twinings in London where Jane purchased her tea

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