Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day reaps many rewards

No matter the results, Election Day is exciting. It's a time where we all unite to celebrate our right to have a say in our future and get a sticker for our efforts. In our household, it's turn into a bit of a family event and, like the Superbowl, at the end of the day, we can't wait until 8:00 when the results start pouring in so we can cheer on our favorite team.

This year, there was even more to celebrate, though, than fulfilling our civic duty - there were savings to be had for those who possessed the distinctive "I Voted" badge.

As reported yesterday in The Detroit Tea Examiner, Kristeas tea and accessories store in Berkley was offering 50% off one item in the store with proof you were at the polls (Vote on Election Day and save at Kristeas). Concerned citizen and tea enthusiast that I am, I took advantage of this great offer and bought myself a silver tea strainer. I love the elegant, yet practical, tea accessory and when having afternoon tea at The Westbury Hotel in Ireland last month, the silver strainer spearheaded its way to the top of  this year's wishlist.
Tea strainer discounted with proof of voting
Of course, no trip to the Kristeas is complete without circling the store at least twice. Owner, Kristin Sanders was there to greet visitors and ring up orders of other civic-minded tea lovers.

Kristin Sanders ringing up orders of other civic-minded tea lovers
My daughter, Rachel, and I voted together during our lunch hour and met up at the mall for dinner. She got her bonus, too, when shopping at  Urban Outfitter. That retailer gave 20% off to anyone who showed evidence they cast their ballot.

It's rewarding to vote! Cheers to all who participated in the process this year!

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