Monday, May 2, 2011

Tea cups and cupcakes: Delightful Easter treats thanks to daughter and Tea Time Magazine

The recent March/April issue of Tea Time Magazine, had an entire section devoted to hosting "An Elegant Easter". This magazine is always inspirational for tablescape ideas and menu planning, but perhaps even more importantly, Tea Time's recipes are amazing. Even holiday-themed meals are continually fresh and delicious. The fact that they are visually appealing is, literally - in some cases- the icing on the cake.

My daughter, Rachel, a senior at MSU, loves to catch-up on Tea Time Magazine recipes whenever she is home on breaks and she usually treats us to some wonderful creation she's uncovered during her stays. This Easter, she volunteered to make dessert after seeing the strawberry cupcakes on page 36 of our favorite tea and foodie periodical. After a quick trip to the grocery store for a few ingredients we didn't have on hand, Rachel was back at home and unleashing the Kitchen Aide from storage.

The only challenge she faced was a pastry bag with a missing tip, so the fancy swirls were at a minimum. But, the overall look was still lovely and they tasted fantastic.

These will be an encore production for sure and they did, indeed, add to a most elegant Easter with family and friends. I just can't wait for the semester to end and the new Tea Time Magazine to arrive!


Trish - Sweetology101 said...

Great blog, love the cupcakes!

Tea Sets for Sale said...

what goes better with tea cups than cupcakes and mother daughter tea. I love this.