Saturday, February 12, 2011

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Chocolate, Tea, and Roses from Adagio

Valentine's Day is almost here and we're celebrating with all the traditional ingredients of the holiday. At Barb's TEA Shop, we are spending February 14th with tea, chocolate and roses. In fact, we like the combination so much, we turned to Adagio Tea's Valentine tea, which allows us to enjoy all our favorite things in just one cup.

For those of us who have sampled a lot of chocolate tea, it's easy to get disappointed. The aromas can promise delicious things to come, but it doesn't always translate in the brew. Adagio's Valentine tea, however, will not only have you at "hello" when you open its package, it will keep your interest until it has the last word at the end of your cup.

Starting with Ceylon black tea, Adagio's romantic blend, adds rose petals and natural strawberry and chocolate flavors together to bring all the delights of February 14th to your teapot. Roses will fade and chocolates bring calories, but Adagio's Valentine's tea will satisfy all year long.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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